Apple shows off photos shared by iPhone XS owners [Gallery]

Apple touted the improved capabilities of the iPhone XS camera during the launch, and shared a ‘Shot on iPhone XS‘ video. We’ve also shared some of our own sample photos, together with a hands-on of the real-time preview of apparent depth of field effects.

Apple has today shared iPhone XS photo examples, shot not by the company but rather by owners of the phone from around the world …


Amateurs and pros alike are taking advantage of the breakthrough 12MP dual camera system on iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max. New features like Smart HDR, advanced bokeh in Portrait mode and the ability to change the depth of field with Depth Control are all huge improvements in state-of-the-art photographic techniques that everyone can use.

These images were pulled from the passionate and talented users who post every day to #ShotoniPhone across social media.

The photos shared by Apple were pulled from Instagram and Twitter, the company apparently searching for #shotoniphonexs and #shotoniphonexsmax hashtags.

They showcase two aspects of the camera in particular: the ability to choose the apparent depth of field, and the extended dynamic range made possible by the improved HDR feature.

Check out the gallery below, and do share your own examples in the comments.