Apple TV+ extends to book partnerships and tieins

Apple TV+ is expanding its franchises beyond the raw TV episodes of the shows.

Sesame Workshop is now releasing books to coincide with the Ghostwriter Apple TV+ series. Ghostwriter-branded versions of Alice in Wonderland and The Jungle Book are out now. The cover of each book features prominent branding including a ‘Watch Ghostwriter on Apple TV+’ sticker.

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In addition to classics, Ghostwriter features some narratives centering around new original stories like Trinity, which will be published by Sesame Workshop for the first time at the end of December.

Aimed at ages 6-11, the books include vocabulary guides, puzzles, and other reading games alongside the actual story text. More books will be released in sync with the ongoing happenings in the TV+ series.

So far, Apple released seven episodes of the show all at once on November 1st. It’s not yet clear when new episodes are coming out as — unlike its adult dramas — the TV+ kids content is not dropping new episodes on a regular weekly schedule.