Apple Watch Band Swap Sites Rise in Popularity as ‘BandSwapper’ Pivots

Just a couple of weeks after the Apple Watch launched to the public on April 24, a handful of start-up websites have begun Apple Watch band exchange programs (by means of Wired). These websites permit customers a variety of services, from the ability to trade in their unwanted band for lots of money to go to a higher-priced model, to switching out complete bands for different shades in the very same style.

That’s the basis of iBandSwap, a new band exchange internet site that developer Alistair Barclay says around 530 users have authorized up for, with approximately 148 “matches”, or band swaps, taking location up until now. iBandSwap not simply permits for complete band trades, but partial ones also, with Barclay mentioning Black/White and Pink/Blue are the very first and second-most preferred swap setups on the site respectively.

Remarkably, the website also enables swapping specific links from the stainless steel Link Arm band watch band. One customer, as an example, located he required a lot more links than Apple gave due to his huge wrist, so on iBandSwap he’s attempting to put up a few of his nonessential bands to obtain additional links from a person utilizing a Link Bracelet with a high street wrist.

All these communications occur individually from any input with the actual internet site, with both events getting one an additional’s contact info upon an effective match, and any sort of delivery procedure stays passed on to the users. No cash is traded while doing so.

“It’s a sure thing,” Barclay claims, “and I prefer to believe that many people that are buying a Watch are good folks and have no passion in deceiving an individual, as there isn’t really any sort of lots of money included.”

iBandSwap isn’t really alone in its Apple Watch band-swapping cause, with sites like StrapSwap and the France-based Band-Band offering similar swap complies with and fundamental e-commerce band marketing services to clients tired of their original strap. Every one of these websites were encountered with the preliminary hurdle that was Apple’s perplexing description over exactly the amount of bands came with Apple Watch Sport designs, yet iBandSwap, StrapSwap, and Band-Band have kept downing along and remained nearly the same in structure as at first intended.

BandSwapper, however, has actually taken a various strategy as its Apple Watch Sport-focused swap site was hit hardest of all by the three-band interchangeability confirmed by Apple in the days leading up to the Watch launch. According to the group, they always had a back-up concept for BandSwapper and have decided to pivot to that fallback completely. It’s now called WatchDots, and permits consumers to place small stickers on the top of the Digital Crown and contacts buttons, intending to supply lower-end Watch designs with a comparable aim to the Edition line of color-matched buttons.


Apple Watch Edition (left) and Apple Watch Sport with WatchDots (ideal)

“On the high-end gold version, the electronic crown is color-matched to your band,” describes founder Adam Hoyle. “The Sporting activity does not have this, it’s simply all aluminum.” Rates hasn’t been formally announced yet, however WatchDots will be under $$ 10.

WatchDots hasn’t already formally launched yet, however those interested can enter their e-mail address on the official web site for updates and a 25 % off coupon code on their initial order. These sites are no doubt simply the very first wave of band switching and offering services offered online, with brand-new experiences to launch – and currently set up ones to increase in appeal – as more Apple Watch units and bands come to be much more commonly readily available in the coming weeks.

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