Apple Watch celebrates the New Year with fireworks on the clock face

As the hours rolls around in each timezone, Apple Watch owners are discovering a new easter egg to celebrate the New Year on their wrists. When the clock strikes twelve, the Apple Watch watch face lights up with animated fireworks.

Apple Watch does a similar thing for the user’s birthday, overlaying balloons on the watch face when the calendar matches the user’s birthdate.

Both the birthday and New Year celebrations have been quietly introduced with watchOS 4, so this is the first opportunity for Apple Watch owners to see the newly-added New Years animation.

Just wait until the clock strikes 00:00 tonight and look at your watch to see the fireworks on your watch face; the animation will play over the top of any face when you raise your wrist.

To watch the fireworks play again, tap the Happy New Year notification in the Notification Center.

Happy New Year everyone!