Apple Watch How-To: Control and use the Stopwatch app

Apple Watch Stopwatch

Apple Watch features a stopwatch app developed into it, which saves you time from grabbing your iPhone, opening up the Clock app and pressing the Stopwatch tab.

There are several various methods to open Stopwatch on the Apple Watch. You can open the app by tapping on the orange icon with a total white circle on the home screen, usage Siri to open Stopwatch by pushing and hanging on the Digital Crown, hands totally free by saying “Hey Siri open Stopwatch,” or depending on which watch face you are making use of from the Stopwatch complication on the watch.

Apple Watch Stopwatch Apple Watch watch face with Stopwatch complication

When you first open up the Stopwatch, you see the Analog view.

Apple Watch Analog Stopwatch

Pushing the green circle in the corner will certainly begin the stopwatch. (Note the green circle will be in a various place depending upon which hand you wear the Apple Watch as well which side the Digital Crown is on). The red circle stops the stopwatch and pressing the green circle resumes it. Pushing the white circle starts a lap. In the Analog view, swiping up from all-time low of the display screen gives a detailed view of the info, showing the break down of the laps.

Apple Watch Analog Stopwatch Apple Watch Analog Stopwatch with a lap Apple Watch Stopwatch Analog Breakdown

There are different views of the Stopwatch that can be shown. Switching between the various views needs you to press firmly on the screen for about a second until you feel the haptic feedback. Force Touching the screen provides an extra three various views for the Stopwatch: Digital, Chart and Hybrid. Digital shows the stopwatch in a mathematical view. Chart communicates how long each lap handled a graph. The last view, Hybrid incorporates the 3 different views Analog, Digital and Graph into one stopwatch.

Apple Watch Stopwatch Displays Apple Watch Stopwatch Digital Apple Watch Stopwatch Graph Apple Watch Stopwatch Hybrid

When you are making use of the Stopwatch on the Apple Watch, the info doesn’t sync to the iPhone, nor does starting the Stopwatch on the iPhone permit you to continue and put laps from the Apple Watch.Filed under:

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