Apple1 in ‘almost perfect condition’ w/ custom wood case hopes to earn $1.75M

We usually see a couple of functioning Apple-1 computers up for sale each year and they usually net around $300,000-$600,000 depending on the condition and included accessories, manuals, software, etc. Now the latest working Apple-1 has gone up for sale with a steep price close to $2 million.

This Apple-1 is said to be in “almost perfect condition” and is listed on eBay at what seems like quite the premium price of $1,750,000. It does include a custom wood case by Byte Shop that the seller says is among one of six remaining.

The seller also notes that he is only the second owner, having kept this Apple-1 protected and in “almost perfect condition” since 1978. Included with the Apple-1 is the Sony TV-115 video modulator as recommended by Steve Jobs, original power supply, and more.

The seller also says that Apple-1 expert Corey Cohen has verified the computer in August this year and more details can be found on the Apple-1 Registry.

The Apple-1 computer that has come closest to the million-dollar mark may have been a pre-production model that went for $815,000 back in 2016.

While this latest Apple-1 does have some unique aspects like the included monitor and custom wood case, $1.75 million seems a bit overpriced, but you never know! The seller is also accepting offers on the eBay listing in addition to the buy it now price.

At the time of writing 21 customers were watching the listing.