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Apple’s iPhone 6s h AS Samsung variation 10% smaller, two different-sized A-9 central processing units

In accordance with Chipworks, there are in fact two distinct sized A9 central processing units floating about in the iPhone 6s and 6s plus launched a week ago. That’s not actually a shock because Apple likes to get redundancy, particularly when among the producers is Samsung.com. We’d observed that both Samsung and TSMC would be making A9 central processing units destined for the iPhone 6s.

Nevertheless, there seems to be a variation in dimensions of the two A9s which may play a part in the way in which the iPhone performs…

Samsung’s A9 with merchandise number APL0898 at 96mm seems to be 10% smaller than TSMC’s AAPL1022, which is 104.5 mm. &nbsp could be meant by that;that rsquo & Samsung.com;s is constructed on a die size that was smaller and is possibly more power efficient compared to the TSMC variation.

Apple has run into problems with two OEMs that are different before. Apple sets both Samsung and Toshiba SSDs in their MacBooks but Samsung.com’s regularly perform far better than Toshiba’son read/write evaluations.

Also Samsung and LG display variations have induced Apple customers to reveal a desire for a specific OEM, again, generally Samsung.com. Suits have even sprung up on the problem.

Chipworks proceeds to inquire if there are any functionality differences involving both processors, so remain tuned and how little the die is.

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