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Apple’s iPhone 6s Versus Liquid Nitrogen [Movie]

The being of rsquo Apple&;s iPhone 6s Plus smartphones and iPhone 6s symbolize the combined efforts on the span of numerous years of several Apple groups. It’s innocent to suppose this specific piece of components h-AS just been in the works for the past twelve months approximately, when in fact, it embodies every thing that’s came before it and learns from your mistakes created with preceding releases. It’s really a work of engineering-centered artwork. So what does one do having a thing of beauty? You freeze it in fluid nitrogen and smash on it using a sledgehammer, seemingly.

Together with the yearly launch of each iPhone we see the related  the Web being hit by kinds of videos. We’ve seen new iPhones being dropped from different heights and places onto various various kinds of surface to find out what harm happens. We’ve seen iPhones being submerged in water to see how fast they drop victim to the consequences of drowning. We’ve even noticed superb slow motion movies of I phones being photo by high powered rifles. So, it shouldn’t actually surprise us that we’re now viewing an attractive iPhone 6s submerged in fluid nitrogen and obliterated using a sledge hammer.


The movie, uploaded to the FullMag YouTube station, reveals two security-aware gentlemen loading the liquid nitrogen right into a container before cutting into a picture of Apple’s iPhone 6s in the lovely new Rose-Gold end. The people in charge of the video determined the liquid nitrogen’s usefulness needs to be tested on an Apple Watch Sport prior to the iPhone gets the fluid nitrogen therapy. You immediately start to see the green Sport Group before a sledgehammer on smashes through the body of the Watch as it sits on a concrete block.

Next is the turn of the Rose-Gold iPhone 6s. Before being wedged standing between two concrete blocks the phone is submerged in the liquid nitrogen for a time period. It subsequently meets its doom that is instant as the sledgehammer is pushed to the surface of the device driving it to smash into an uncountable number of items that are personal. We are able to comprehend watertight evaluations and some fall tests where such evaluations try to model a real life event, and can have changing results. Liquid nitrogen and a sledgehammer on the flip side, can actually only have one results.

In case you like to view high-priced items of technology being ruined in slow motion, then that is most likely the video for you personally. Take a look below.

(Source: YouTube)

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