Apple’s WWDC 2018 depth art pops to life with this 3D printed DIY kit

Back in March, Apple announced WWDC 2018 with an eye catching graphic. Shortly after, designer Martin Hajek released a sharp set of wallpapers for iPhone and Mac. Now he’s back with a DIY kit to create your own WWDC 2018 design.

Hajek has shared a full walkthrough on how to build your own 2018 WWDC 3D custom design.

Didn’t get an invite to go to WWDC2018? Is coding not your forté? Then make your own Apple WWDC 2018 invite in real using this 3D printed kit in these simple steps:

The $75 kit can be purchased from shapeways and the corresponding dot graphic can be downloaded here.

Although this is pretty salty for a 3D printed kit, it’s a clever way to offer up some creative fun with this year’s great WWDC design. Check out Hajek’s website for more details.