April Fools’ Day 2019: Dbrand AirPower skin, Hyper USB-C hub, Twelve South ‘BookBook Bento,’ more

It is officially April 1st, which means everything you see on the Internet has the possibility of being an April Fools’ Day joke. While Apple had the best April Fools’ Day joke back in September of 2017, there are plenty of other jokes to go around today.

These are some of our favorite April Fools’ Day jokes of 2019.

Twelve South

Popular accessory maker Twelve South is using April Fools’ Day to announce its new “BookBook Bento.” This accessory for your MacBook is able to “cleverly disguise” not only your MacBook, but also your lunch:

BookBook Bento is a gorgeous, oversized MacBook case with a built-in bento so you can stroll into the office with your MacBook and sushi rolls in one convenient, crushproof case. Tucked inside BookBook Bento, your MacBook rests on soft microsuede. Open the secret compartment beneath your MacBook and lunch is served – in an insulated bento.

dbrand AirPower

dbrand AirPower April Fools' Day

Popular accessory maker dbrand today released its response to Apple’s failed AirPower wireless charging mat. The company is selling “AirPower skins and wraps” for just $4.01. The skins are available in a slew of different colors, and if you place your order today, you’ll actually receive one in the mail.

Best of all, they are the exact dimensions that AirPower would have been.

When Apple cancelled the AirPower, we were devastated. Not because we care about wirelessly overheating multiple devices at once, but because there was simply too much money that would never get spent on AirPower skins. That’s when we asked an important question: “Should the cancellation of AirPower stop us from selling skins?” Of course not – we can’t let small details get in the way of us making money.

  1. Cover up any wall outlet to instantly make it 100% wireless.
  2. Stick them on your coffee table to spark conversations around your irresponsible purchase decisions.
  3. Put them on your floor vents for affordable climate control.
  4. Put it on your prescription glasses and spend the day pretending you’re a star in Bird Box.
  5. Wrap it around your vape to really exhibit how cultured you aren’t.
  6. Stick it on the last page of a book you haven’t finished to ruin the ending.

Find out more about dbrand’s AirPower skins right here.

Hyper’s “mother of all USB-C hubs”