As Apple prepares significant AirPlay overhaul for iOS 9 & new Apple TELEVISION, mirroring apps need to implement workarounds


While Apple hasn’t specificed the changes much publicly, the company is planning what seems a major, undocumented overhaul of its AirPlay method with iOS 9 that must make the framework for streaming video and audio content in between devices a much smoother experience for both users and designers. It is, however, breaking many screen mirroring apps at the same time and requiring designers of these apps to rush to implement workarounds ahead of the launch of iOS 9 on Wednesday and the new Apple TELEVISION in the coming weeks.

Maybe the best example of these apps is Reflector from developer Squirrels. The app utilizes AirPlay to allow cross platform cordless mirroring from mobile phones to Macs, PCs, and other devices with the app installed. The designer first brought the modification to our attention and alerts that designers will have to follow in its steps to execute a workaround that will allow screen mirroring apps to continue operating after iOS 9 is released……”Exactly what Apple did this time

around with iOS 9 updates is make a wide-sweeping change to underlying protocols that power AirPlay.”Dave Stanfill, president and CEO of Squirrels discussed.”A great deal of the pairing setups (like how your mobile device interacts with a receiver)have actually changed. A lot of the exchanges in between an iOS device and an Apple TELEVISION or any of the receivers have changed. The actual mechanism through which a mirroring connection is established was entirely upgraded. So, lots of underlying AirPlay elements and protocols are completely various in iOS 9. Not just at a security level but also with the way the 2 devices talk with each other.”While the modifications won’t affect app designers merely making use of AirPlay APIs for offering users the capability to

stream from within an app to an AirPlay device, like an Apple TV on the very same network, it will break many screen mirroring apps that use the AirPlay method for screen sharing apps that are often utilized in education, enterprise, and within the tech world for things like screen recording and screen mirroring to devices not supported by Apple. Though designers of screen mirroring and streaming apps piggybacking on the method will certainly have to implement workarounds to avoid issues with the changes in iOS 9, the general changes appear to be a move by Apple to vastly enhance device pairing and at the same time enhance the overall AirPlay experience across devices. The developers at Squirrels described: We discovered AirPlay has actually improved security, it’s faster and it enhances overall performance. Making use of a few of the new security functions Apple implemented, the whole stack steps a lot quicker. It enables more fascinating things like one-time pairing. That means less battery drainand faster file encryption and connection … This protocol is designed from the ground up for existing wifi, wifi direct, AWDL(Apple’s own wifi direct utilized for AirDrop and other features), Bluetooth, as well as USB CarPlay and QuickTime. It is clear Apple sees a future of matching all your devices together in one simple to utilize network. It’s possible…Apple’s inspiration for the changes to AirPlay and device pairing is related to the Apple TELEVISION working as a hub for remote access to HomeKit products and the brand-new Apple TELEVISION’s assistance for third-party gaming controllers. But completion outcome must be an overall improved experience for AirPlay and device pairing with the new

Apple TELEVISION.”You could pair your iOS device to an Apple TELEVISION and never have to go through the full key exchange once more. Once it’s paired, it’s paired,”the Squirrels designers discussed,”Apple set the underlying foundation to “set-it and forget-it pairing “whether it be with your automobile, a set-top box in the living-room, that sort of thing. That’s the fundamental reason they altered that protocol, we think.”After carrying out a workaround for the modifications, for which Apple hasn’t released any paperwork to developers, the result is a Reflector app with considerable efficiency improvements, the designers informed me. But up until designers execute a workaround by themselves, users that heavily count on a similar

screen mirroring app for iOS should think about holding back on updating up until the app has updated for iOS 9. iOS 9 is arranged for release on September 16. Filed under: iOS Tagged: AirPlay, Apple TV, iOS 9, mirroring For more news on iOS, Apple TELEVISION, and iOS 9 continue checking out at 9to5Mac. What do you believe? Go over”As Apple prepares significant AirPlay overhaul for iOS 9 & new Apple TV, mirroring apps should execute workarounds “with our neighborhood. [source]

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