As with the iPad Pro, Apple quotes from reviews of the MacBook Air and Mac mini

Apple chose some excerpts from the recent iPad Pro reviews earlier this week, and has now done the same with reviews of the new MacBook Air and Mac mini …


For the MacBook Air, Apple has chosen to highlight comments about the display, performance, battery-life, portability, design, Touch ID and use of recycled aluminum.

Gear Patrol “It’s essentially now the perfect computer for anyone looking for a macOS laptop for ‘normal’ things, like browsing the web, drafting documents, answering emails, watching movies or even occasional work in Adobe’s creative suite.”
WIRED “Apple has heard the calls for a newer, better MacBook Air, and it has answered.”
Daily Express (UK) “This hugely popular Mac has been brought back to life with a stunning new lightweight design, improved Retina screen and added extras such as Touch ID and Apple’s Force Touch trackpad. Fans of this laptop are going to love this update as it takes the concept of power and ultimate portability to a whole new level.”
“For the first time, the Air’s enclosure is made from a custom, Apple-designed aluminium alloy that enables the use of 100% recycled aluminium. Any innovation that reduces waste is a good thing.”

With the Mac mini, Apple chose quotes about power, storage, connectivity, network speed, flexibility, design, value and customization options.

Six Colors “This new Mac mini is exactly what it needs to be. Today the Mac mini is about flexibility and filling niches. This update allows it to span a wide range from basic server needs all the way up to high-end applications that require a great deal of processor power, fast storage, ultra-fast networking, and even beyond (via Thunderbolt 3).”
ZDNet “Between the number of ports, the types of accessories those ports allow for, and the customisation options, the Mac mini is a computer that’s no longer serving a niche market. It’s designed for all types of users, whether you want to use it as a server in your home, and set up more than one Mini as a set of servers to offload video encoding and code compiling.”

As with the iPad, you’ll probably want to check out our own review roundup for a more objective take.

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