Assessment: Keyboard Is Very Good, although the Fat of the Pro that is iPad Increases

The latest Slender Guide of zagg is its first item created especially for the Pro that is iPad. Pursuing within the actions of its prior Slender Publications for additional iPads, the Slender Guide for iPad Pro includes a defensive situation that snaps round the iPad and matches into an associated complete-sized keyboard.

The Slender Guide is among the several keyboard cases readily available for the iPad Pro, and it basically becomes the iPad Pro right into a full fledged notebook, plus it’s flexible since it’s in a position to function like a standalone situation or perhaps a situation that provides full safety. That may seem attractive, but there are several disadvantages to Zaggis newest offering when I’ve found screening it going back week.


The Slender Guide includes a black-plastic layer that suits round the back of the iPad Pro two-pieces and a corresponding gold metal keyboard with dark MacBook – a corresponding black-plastic exterior and design secrets. The layer item that suits round the Pro that is iPad is fairly slender, taking into spot to safeguard the rear of the iPad. It doesnot experience cheaply-made, but inaddition it doesnot experience being an Apple item provided all of the plastic as quality.

All The locations on the iPad Pro are left available using the layer on, making from the headset port towards the Lightning interface available. It’s hard to get rid of since the layer suits so firmly towards the iPad Pro. This isn’t a layer that since it requires a large amount of pressure to obtain it down I’d desire to be getting off my iPad on the normal schedule. Additionally, it makes the rest/aftermath switches about the iPad Pro harder since it triggers them to become recessed to push and the amount.

for some time after I use it, I wasn’t actually certain my iPad Pro might actually emerge, therefore anticipate a good match there. Provided the quantity of pressure it required to obtain down that layer, I am worried about damage that is potential, particularly at vulnerable areas near locations. You are likely to wish to depart the rear layer on constantly, to ensure thatis anything to bear in mind if you understand this situation. About the plus part, it will provide some rear safety from blemishes and scrapes.

The layer is slim enough that it generally does not put in a large amount of mass by itself, however the entire startup gets a great deal heavier once the keyboard is included. About the shell’s left-side, the plastic is somewhat heavier, that allows it to suit about the keyboard part of the situation into lines. It is essential for the openings within the layer up using the brackets within the keyboard dance, but this seems harder than it’s — issues only type of click in position whenever you visit set the iPad and layer about the keyboard, but it may take one minute to fall into line both items.

About The keyboard, the position the iPad Pro rests in is mounted on a joint, which revolves forwards and backwards therefore the iPad Pro could be established at a personis chosen viewing position. The motion that is joint is the joint itself easily remains within the proper placement, and sleek with small friction. The joint could be situated backwards to 135-degrees, however it shuts totally within the entrance when not being used to function like a protective case for that iPad Pro. While shut, the Slender Guide is roughly three-quarters of an inch thick at its thickest level (excepting the joint region, that will be about an inch-thick) and using its black-plastic exterior, it more strongly resembles a cumbersome Windows notebook when compared to a MacBook. Width smart, it’s a little heavier than the usual Retina MacBook Pro.

After I first obtained the bundle comprising the Slender Guide, my first thought was “Whoa, this really is large.” I believed it could you need to be the presentation that added fat, but no, the Slender Guide itself weighs a great deal. The iPad Pro by itself weighs 1.57 lbs, or a significant 713 grams. Mounted on the Zagg Slender Guide, 1814 grams, equal to almost four lbs were considered by my iPad Pro. For reviews benefit, that is more heavy compared to 13-inch Retin-A MacBook Pro and almost as large whilst the 15-inch Retin-A MacBook Pro, which weighs 4.49 lbs. Actually, it seems more heavy than the usual 15- Retina MacBook Pro mainly because the fat is dispersed over an area that is smaller.

The iPad Pro may also be situated backwards within the keyboard, letting it function like a mean studying or viewing movies. The keyboard could be collapsed level underneath the iPad Pro, although I am unsure why you’d wish to utilize it in this way since it’s simply extra mass while backwards.


The Slender Guide of zagg is not an answer that is light, but that fat does let it activity a complete- keyboard. The secrets about the Zagg Pro imitate the Retina MacBook Pro’s secrets, providing crucial that is exemplary journey and sense. Of the iPad Pro keyboards I Have examined to date, such as Apple’s own Wise Keyboard, the Zagg Messenger Common, and the Logitech PRODUCE Keyboard Situation, the Zagg Slender Guide has got the greatest secrets. The writing encounter was nearly just like the writing encounter on my Retin-A MacBook Pro (with somewhat more journey), and the secrets were neither too clicky or excessively loud. You’ll like the keyboard of the Zagg Slender Guide should you like the way in which a Retin-A MacBook Pro or MacBook Air keyboard seems underneath your fingertips.

like the majority of keyboards at this price-point, the Zagg Slender Guide provides backlighting. It moves a step beyond various other keyboards, however, permitting customers to period via a selection of various LED colours like inexperienced aqua, orange, reddish, crimson, bright, and deep-blue. There’s also three degrees of lighting to select from, along side a choice to turn down the backlighting. Backlighting that is personalized was among the functions that I loved many in the period that the Zagg Slender Guide was examined by me.

at the very top of the keyboard, you will find purpose secrets that match particular iPad techniques. Utilizing these secrets, it’s feasible entry the house display to secure the iPad, start the app switcher, entry search, mention a Siri search, mention the onscreen keyboard, alter quantity, and handle media play. Absent are secrets for display lighting that is managing, to ensure that will have to be achieved personally about the iPad.

The keyboard is removable in the iPad Pro, therefore it could possibly be properly used with different devices. The Slender Guide may change between three diverse Wireless devices that are linked utilizing the purpose key combined with the first three-number keys. Changing between devices is fast and sleek.

Keyboards like the Logitech PRODUCE and the Wise Keyboard connect towards the iPad Pro having its Wise Connection, however the Zagg Slender Guide links via Wireless like every other Wireless device. Which means it takes getting (via an incorporated micro usb wire), but based on Zagg, it just must be billed once every 2 yrs with normal utilization. I’d no difficulties with Wireless using the Slender Guide. It remained related and connected easily.

Main Point Here

The Zagg Slender Guide has attractive functions like multi color backlighting, great sense that is crucial, and an joint with flexible viewing angles, but the fat of the iPad Pro ‘s significantly more than increasing. That is clearly a deal-breaker for me personally since it reduces the mobility of the bigger pill of Apple. I may as well be transporting my Retina Pro easilyam likely to bring four kilos around.

For clients who bought an iPad Pro because of its mobility or even to use within host to a MacBook while touring, this situation possibly is not the very best choice, however for clients who’re utilizing the iPad Pro like a total notebook alternative, it might be more practical. The Slender Guide is large, however the iPad Prois pill type becomes right into a -type style. Determining if the Zagg Slender Guide is to determining if you like to compromise mobility to get a keyboard for you personally fundamentally boils down.

As somebody who is completely committed to the Apple environment and favors items that complement the visual of Apple devices, the Zagg Slender Guide wouldn’t be my first item option. I’m not really a lover of the frustrating black-plastic, however those people who are searching for purpose over type may not be bothered by the search.


  • Excellent keyboard
  • Multi color backlighting
  • RMBP-design key sense
  • Links to and changes between numerous iOS devices
  • Lightweight style with numerous viewing angles


  • Super-heavy
  • Layer is extremely hard to get rid of
  • Black-plastic style does not actually complement Apple devices
  • Makes quantity/rest/aftermath switches harder to push

Just how to Purchase

The Zagg Slender Guide for iPad Pro can be obtained in the Zagg site for 9.99.

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