Assessment: the Fort&eacute of Twelve South; is just a Flexible Apple-Accepted are a symbol of the Apple Watch

Twelve South was among the first businesses in the future out by having an Apple Watch stay, saying its HiRise for Apple Watch prior to the arm-used device actually released, but with watchOS 2, Apple released Nightstand style, a purpose that needed the Apple Watch to become put into panorama mode on its part.

The HiRise is not made to be properly used in panorama style, in order an effect, Twelve South has emerge with another Apple Watch stay, the Forté. Eacute & the Fort; operates in both scenery and face mode, so it’s in a position to be properly used with mode. Twelve South also worked with this style with Apple, therefore eacute & the Fort; is among merely a number of Apple Watch stands obtainable in Apple stores.

as it pertains to create, the Forté does not appear different in the a large number of additional Apple Watch stands available on the market, however it does feature top quality supplies and a that is equally flexible and appealing. It includes a leather-lined a chrome supply that retains the Apple Watch charger and heavy opera bottom.

the bottom is bigger than the bottom of the HiRise, however it has got the advantage of being truly a appropriate place to sleep an available-cycle group on. While an Apple Watch is not about eacute & the Fort;, or when it’s combined with a closed loop group, it’s an ideal dimension to put on an iPhone. On tables with room that is small, it’s a pleasant small receiving system for each an iPhone and an Apple Watch. About the base, there is a silicon mat for many additional hold on nightstand area or a pc.

Sadly, the Forté just is available in opera having a dark leather foundation, so it’s not likely to complement nicely with all Apple Watch versions, specifically the Platinum and Rosegold Apple Watch Activity.

Just Like many Apple Watch stands, you are likely to have to provide your personal Apple Watch wire. There is just one remain available on the market at this time that’s a Apple Watch getting puck, and that stay originates from Belkin. for today, making use of your own wire continues to be essential, although we will probably discover more of these later on.

establishing the Forté is straightforward, and it’s easy enough that it will not be a to consider the Apple Watch charger in and from the stay. There is a small opera-shaded plastic limit that snaps from the top, and the receiving puck fits nicely in to the silicon-covered chrome supply.

It works together with both heavier Apple Watch Activity charger and the finer regular Apple Watch charger. The charger for my stainless Apple Watch was a little recessed when situated in to the supply of the Forté due to the finer style, however it was nevertheless in a position to maintain my Apple Watch without any issue in position.

When The receiving puck is in position, the opera limit could be put-back on and the wire could be sent down the supply of the Forté, where it’s aimed towards the back of the stay. The cutout about the back of the supply of eacute & the Fort; retains the Apple Watch wire safely and is rather heavy, so there’s no of it being released threat. Within this dance, the wire appears neat enough, but I’d have favored a style that did not appear relatively incomplete and held the wire completely out-of view.

Producing the limit that suits within the Apple Watch charger out-of plastic may appear like an unusual option once the remaining Apple Watch stay consists of steel, but since it’s plastic, there is no threat of it damaging the Apple Watch during asking.

Twelve South obviously set lots of thought in to the style of the Forté, since it is effective in virtually any alignment and with equally shut and available-cycle rings. The dark leather since the foundation ensures no area of the band is damaged while combined with an open-loop band like the Activity Group.

When combined with a closed-loop group in face style, the group suits within the flex within the supply of the Forté, maintaining it in position. Our single criticism listed here is the supply is really a tad definately not the receiving puck. Our rings (and my arms) are about the smaller aspect, then when closed-up, I have to make sure they are larger to be able to match them about the stay.

Due to The flex within the supply of the Forté, actually large rings like the Hyperlink Band are kept in position without any issue, and there is hardly any opportunity the Apple Watch is likely to be bumped off the stay inadvertently because of that additional level of protection.

When utilized in landscape positioning, as-is necessary for Nightstand style in watchOS 2, the Apple Watch suits sideways about the Forté, where it’s kept in position just from the magnetic Apple Watch getting puck. Landscape direction is not really as safe as face style since there is no additional supply keeping up the group, however the somewhat recessed match of the Apple Watch charger combined with silicon round the receiving puck kept my Apple Watch firmly.

Panorama mode, like face mode, works together with all the various Apple Watch rings, however it appears considerably neater having a closed loop band than an open-loop group. A closed loop group rests properly within the air, as the leather foundation will be rested about by the stops of an open-loop group.

whether or not the Apple Watch can be used in scenery or face positioning, it’s likely to maintain a situation which makes it easy to understand the Apple Watch encounter because of the position of the Forté. The supply of eacute & the Fort; is tilted somewhat downhill, placing the Apple Watch at a perfect viewing position at all occasions.

Main Point Here

The Forté is among the pricier standalone Apple Watch stands available on the market, but its build its cautious style quality, and its flexibility allow it to be worth the price. Whether make the most of scenery style for that Nightstand function or you want to cost your Apple Watch in face style, eacute & the Fort; helps it.

using its bent supply and its gentle leather foundation, the Forté also works together with all Apple Watch rings or like a system for that iPhone, and this capability to work-in numerous methods is without question why Apple made a decision to inventory the Forté in its stores.

The Fortéis opera visual isn’t likely to attract all customers since it does not complement all Apple Watches, therefore because of this, combined using the high-price label, many people might would rather opt for additional Apple Watch stay choices available on the market.


  • Works together with Nightstand style
  • Flexible, is effective with all rings
  • Durable quality
  • Foundation holds iPhone


  • Somewhat more costly than equivalent stands
  • Does not fit all Apple Watch versions
  • Style with noticeable wire appears incomplete

Just how to Purchase

The Forté can be bought in the Twelve South site for $59.99 and it’s also obtainable in Apple retail places within the Usa and Canada.

Note: MacRumors obtained no payment for this evaluation.

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