Assessment: The Gamevice Becomes Your iPad Mini Right Into A Lightweight Gaming System

There are certainly a wide selection of designed for iPhone Apple-licensed controllers available on the market nowadays, however the Gamevice is exclusive since it becomes the iPad mini right into a portable gaming system. The control suits on either aspect of the mini that is iPad, inserting straight into the Lightning interface to get a lag- gambling experience that is free, dependable.

you will find many comparable controllers for that iPhone, however the Gamevice may be the only choice that enables you to contain the iPad mini while enjoying, so there is no requirement for a stay or perhaps a flat work surface to sleep the pill on. I went hands on using the Gamevice to determine how it even compares to more regular controllers available on the market, and I did so benefit from the gameplay experience while I wasn’t pleased using the dimension.


The Gamevice includes two halves of the control which are kept as well as a gentle, versatile bit of plastic. The left-side of the control comes with an analog stick, a-d-mat, and an electrical button, as the right-side of the control includes a minute analog stick, a stop button, and four motion switches in a common ABXY Xbox-design format. There’s also two models of trigger switches on each aspect of the control. Design-wise, the Gamevice appears like the merchandise of the mating between the Wii-U GamePad and the Xbox One control.

Made From a light matte-black plastic, the control exterior seems a little inexpensive, but when it were made from a heavier substance, it’d be overweight to put on for lengthy amounts of time. the switches/analog sticks are superior-quality and feel better underhand, although supplies smart, I Would say it’s on level with most of the additional designed for iPhone game controllers available on the market. Actually, I Would recommend due to just how much it borrows from Microsoft this is actually the MFi control having a sense best towards the One control.

The analog sticks are sleek and simple to use, similar to the analog stays on an Xbox One control, and they’ve plastic round the top to get a strong hold. The motion switches also advised me of an Xbox control, and while they sound-very clicky when pushed (as do the sparks), they truly are sleek and simple to push without any sticking. TheThe main supplement for the 21.5-inch iMac point may be the fresh high end design that today features a 4K Retina display to fit the 5K Retina iMac which has been about since last year.d-mat is just a regular four-path mat and not just one of the round online patches that are on a number of other comparable controllers.

Underneath each aspect of the control, there is a plastic Xbox-type hold, which suits nicely within the palm and makes the whole point simple to maintain despite the iPad in position.

There Is A Lightning connection about the right-side of the control, that will be where the underside of the iPad suits. The underside gets into first, using the Lightning interface installation within the Lightning connection, and then your different aspect of the control suits outrageous of the iPad to obtain the control about the iPad. It requires some manipulation to obtain the iPad in to the control, but it’s in no way a procedure that is difficult.

Itis relatively simple to draw both halves aside to suit the iPad in or even to consider it out, which is really a positive thing since youare not likely to wish to make use of the iPad for almost any job apart from gambling while it’s caught within the oversized control. Due to the method the control suits within the iPad mini, it can not be combined with every other type of situation or a Good Address.

The Gamevice comes with a 800mAh battery that continues for approximately 30 hours and it facilitates go through getting therefore the iPad mini-can be billed over micro usb and never have to quit gambling. There is a little switch about the base that may be pushed to expose just how much battery is quit via integral LEDs. A headset port is also included by the Gamevice, since without them, audio is muffled since the back of the iPad is stuck within the control and it’s better to use headphones.

The Gamevice is suitable for the iPad mini, the iPad mini 2, the iPad mini 3, and the recently launched iPad mini 4. It fits firmly on my iPad mini 2, but I envision since it’s considerably finer there is some wiggle-room using the iPad mini 4. It generally does not match every other iPad, but Gamevice is currently focusing on a model for that iPad Air and another for that iPhone 6s/6s Plus.


This isn’t a lightweight control since the two halves of the Gamevice don’t come aside. I don’t notice this like a control you are likely to wish to journey with since it’s not likely to match effortlessly right into perhaps a backpack or a carrier. It takes lots of room up, and by having an iPad located inside, it’s actually larger.

having said that, it’s remarkably cozy to put on, actually for lengthy amounts of time. I wasn’t a lover of the controller’s size when gaming, having the ability to contain the iPad equally in my own fingers and near to my encounter created the gaming experience more immersive, although starting this evaluation. Like a had amini system in my own fingers using the Gamevice, I thought.

I ought to explain the Gameviceis distinctive form. I maintain my arms more out than I’d having a conventional control due to the style and broad dimension of the Gamevice while keeping the Gamevice. Having my arms tilted out like this was tremendous comfortable, but I did so acquire some twinges of discomfort following a few hours of gameplay. Just how this control is kept may be a deal-breaker for some.

Although it wasn’t challenging to put on, I did so sleep the Gamevice in my own panel after I enjoyed activities withit, and this ended up to be always a relaxed gambling placement. Used to donot require a flat work surface while using the it to put on my iPad erect, therefore it was excellent to utilize to enjoy activities while about the sofa watching tv. I’ve little fingers, but used to donot have difficulty achieving the buttons (besides the trigger switches, these are difficult for me personally to achieve on any control) or utilizing the handles, and it ought to be similarly cozy for bigger hands also.

Since The Gamevice runs on the Lightning link in the place of Wireless, there is never any lag or disruptions to gameplay due to a lack of Wireless connection. Problems may appear occasionally, and that isn’t an issue using the Gamevice, although many Wireless controllers work very well. Like a Wireless control does it is also not likely to strain battery.

The efficiency of the Gamevice across various activities depends upon how nicely the handles have already been applied. There are several activities that a work that is great with outside controllers, and in others, it’s obvious that control assistance was an overall total afterthought. Sadly there is no method to inform how nicely a is going to do without enjoying with it.

Gamevice Live App

Discovering activities that use designed for controllers that are iPhone isn’t always difficult. There is no dependable method to look for them within the App Store, an issue that Gamevice has experimented with resolve with its Gamevice Reside app.

Gamevice Live includes a big selection of activities which have applied control assistance, and it’s worth installing even although you don’t possess a Gamevice. It is made to appear specifically like the App Store, arranging games into various groups like Free Activities Favorites, Fresh Activities, and Compensated Activities.

Thereis also an “Discover” area that fails activities into various groups, and thereis a research function to find particular games. I came across the Gamevice app to be always for discovering information suitable for additional controllers, an excellent source.

Main Point Here

Our greatest problem using the Gamevice was mobility. Itis an uncomfortable form, meaning it’s not ideal for getting with me after I travel or when out and about and big. It is something whichis more desirable for house use simply because of the area and its dimension it’d occupy in a wallet or carrier.

Because it’s measured to suit the iPad mini, it’s not really a excellent option for those who have numerous Apple devices. Somebody with an iPad who plans to sport with equally and an iPhone would not be definitely better on having a conventional Wireless control that may use devices that are many. It is also not just unsuitable for activities which are performed in panorama style.

Most designed for iPhone controllers have typically been listed large, but costs have now been decreasing recently. Mad Catz SteelSeries, and MOGA all create controllers that may be bought for under $100, producing the Gamevice relatively high’s price. Could it be worth nearly double what some controllers that are other price? Not for everybody, however it the caliber of the analog and the switches branches can make it an advisable purchase for many.

The Gamevice does give a cozy, lag-free gambling expertise, but it’s a difficult market due to that cost and its incompatibility with different devices. I would certainly suggest the Gamevice to devoted iPad small players who just intend for a passing fancy device to sport, but these searching for more flexibility or greater mobility must appear at additional controllers.


  • Lightning-based link is lag-free
  • Control is relaxed to put on
  • Switches, d pad, and analog sticks are top quality
  • Does not need a flat work surface/are a symbol of the iPad
  • Fits-all iPad small versions


  • Restricted to the iPad mini
  • Landcape style only
  • Cumbersome and not so lightweight
  • Costly when compared with additional controllers

Just how to Purchase

The Gamevice Control for iPad mini is accessible from for $99.95. It is also accessible from Goal and

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