Assessment: The SteelSeries Nimbus is just a Handy, Inexpensive Wireless Control for iOS Products and Apple TV

There is a selection of designed for iPhone-suitable Apple-accepted Wireless controllers accessible, which works using the new Apple TV, however the SteelSeries Nimbus may be the only control which was created especially with Apple for the Apple TV in relationship.

as a result, it’s been seriously promoted by Apple and it’s offered alongside the Apple TV being an item in Apple Shops. We went hands on using the SteelSeries Nimbus to determine if it’s essential and whether it’s worth its $50 cost -have gaming item for that new fourth generation Apple TV.


The Nimbus is comparable in dimensions and style to the Stratus XL, an early on control SteelSeries launched. It appears like a mix between a ps 4 control and an One controller, having a form that is near to the controller but a ps-design format. It is also much like several current designed for iPhone controllers like the most popular Mad Catz C.T.R.L.i.

If you’ve employed one designed for iPhone control, you’ve basically employed all of them. The Nimbus is significantly same than the accessible controllers on the market’s remainder, therefore selecting a control to buy truly boils down to choice for issues like switch format dimension, trigger form, and general style.

About The Nimbus, there is an d pad at the most effective, situated across from four motion switches. Two joysticks stay at the underside, next to each other control that is as about the PS4. In the centre, thereis a Selection button that is sizable, and at the rear, thereis a Lightning interface for getting a Wireless button, and a “Store” button that toggles on and off the ability. You will find two causes on each aspect, alongside neck buttons above these.

lots of early designed for iPhone controllers were costly and had an undesirable quality, but during the last many months, issues have enhanced. I had been amazed at it’s $50 price-point, particularly using the quality of the SteelSeries Nimbus. It’s a good sense within the palm and it appears like an item that is likely to endure nicely to decades of use that is major.

Within The palm, the Nimbus was cozy, actually for lengthy periods of gambling. I’m mainly an Xbox One person (I’ve a ps, however it basically simply gathers dirt) and and so I often choose controllers like the C.T.R.L.i, but I altered nicely towards the startup of the Nimbus. I particularly loved the sparks about the Nimbus. They truly are broader than these about the additional controllers I Have utilized and their form created them simple to push. I’ve fingers that are little so sparks could be difficult on some controllers – that isn’t the situation using the Nimbus.

The dpad is simple to use and includes a style that I favor within the dpad of the C.T.R.L.i, and the analog sticks were sleek and simple to use. The switches experience just in my experience like the switches about the controller, and general, I’d no issues concerning the format of its quality, the control, or even the sense of some of its elements. It is a control that is strong.

having said that, there are certainly a several dubious style options. At the control above the Selection button’s top, there is a group of four LEDs that are designated. the lamps don’t function precisely even if two controllers are attached to an Apple TV, although I suppose these are designed to signify which participant you’re within an iOS sport. The Apple TV just enables no more than two controllers anyhow, so it’s a fairly complicated and curious style option. On the foundation that is useful, these illuminate when receiving once the battery is reduced and may display.

Wireless Link

The Nimbus employs Bluetooth 4.1, which theoretically might provide greater energy-savings and possibly a far more strong Wireless reference to iOS device or an Apple TV, but I possibly couldnot tell the distinction. Which has been accurate of additional components I Have used aswell and there is no noticeable lag, although it remained linked.

in my opinion the Nimbus may be the only control accessible at this time that provides Bluetooth 4.1. Incidentally, the startup may be the just like every other Wireless device on a iOS device, and it’s comparable on an Apple TV. See a Settings, select Products and Controllers, and subsequently trigger the Wireless about the Nimbus. I’d no difficulties setting it up combined.


The Nimbus sets itself aside from additional Apple-accepted gambling controllers available on the market using its integral Lightning interface. It is in a position to cost over Lightning, and that means you don’t must have a micro usb cable available.

having the ability to cost over Lightning is tremendous helpful since it indicates I just require a single-cable to cost all my iOS devices and the control. It could not appear like a large package to utilize a micro usb wire, but alot travels and dealing with cut a solitary additional cable out is very good.

Apple recently began allowing third party components include Lightning fittings and locations, therefore ideally getting over Lightning is something whichis likely to turn into a much more typical later on.

it ought to be mentioned the SteelSeries Nimbus doesn’t incorporate a Lightning wire within the box, prone to help to keep the price reduced. You’ll have to make use of the Lightning wire that accompany the iPhone the Apple TV, or even the iPad.

The Nimbus battery lasts for 40 hours before it requires to become energized via Lightning, that will be long enough for a number of gaming classes. It generally does not consider too much time to cost, both. Quarry was complete inside a handful of hours.


As it pertains towards the Apple TV, the Nimbus is restricted by something – a definite insufficient activities that sufficiently make the most of the handles that were more complex that it provides. Lots of the activities that I attempted to perform utilizing the control employed two or merely a switch and I’d little determination to utilize a control within the Siri Distant for that Apple TV. Activities that are additional had no control help.

Gambling about the Apple TV possibly is not likely to strategy console-quality gambling without some plan adjustments. At this time, Apple demands Apple TV activities to become completely usable using the Siri Distant, that provides feedback techniques that are restricted. While using the control to enjoy activities about the Apple TV, I had been discouraged each time it’dnot perform a reasonable motion I needed since the handles were simply too easy it to complete.

there have been several shiny places where the control arrived in useful, though. Disney Infinity 3.0, Oceanhorn, and Geometry Wars benefitted in the Nimbus controller about the Apple TV, and obviously it had been helpful for iOS apps that make the most of a. Whilst the Apple TV develops, I am confident you will see much more apps which are better-designed for control feedback, but it’s lean pickings at this time because anything is not really old.

Main Point Here

Do you want a gambling control for that Apple TV? The solution isn’t any. Now over time, certainly a restricted quantity are of merely a portion of these help game and activities about the Apple TV controllers. Of these that help the control, a single button uses not greater than few, producing the Apple TV distant significantly more than sufficient for gambling.

Till Apple changes the guidelines that need builders to produce activities that may be managed from the Apple TV distant along with a or provides builders more motivation to produce persuasive activities about the Apple TV, there is no actual have to buy a control like the SteelSeries Nimbus especially for use using the set top box.

having said that, this can be a good control. Should you like the sense of utilizing a regular control within the distant (actually to get a single-button) it’s worth buying up. It is also worth buying in the event that you intend to utilize it with additional devices like the iPhone and the iPad, beyond the Apple TV.

compared to additional designed for iPhone Bluetooth-allowed controllers, the SteelSeries Nimbus includes a strong quality, a great sense within the palm, an inexpensive cost, and it’s alone of the controllers that may charge utilizing a Lightning wire, an advantage that is extremely easy. In a nutshell, if you should be likely to purchase a control, this really is possibly the one.

should you currently possess a MFi control, there is possibly you should not update. The Nimbus has some nice functions, but it’s absolutely all that same from lots of additional easily available controllers.

Just how to Purchase

The SteelSeries Nimbus control could be bought straight from Apple for $49.95.

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