Australia sees its first redesigned Apple Store in Melbourne [Photos]

It’s taken a while for the new Apple Store design to reach Australia, but the company today opened the first of the refits in Melbourne.

The new Chadstone store is three times the size of the one it replaces …

Broadsheet reports that the original Chadstone store, which opened back in 2008, has been closed.

Today Apple’s new Chadstone store – triple the size of its predecessor – swung open its 4.2-metre-wide bronze pivot doors revealing an interior bathed in natural light, filtered through an enormous grid-style skylight 7.6 metres above the shop floor. (The original Chadstone shop, located elsewhere in the shopping centre, is now closed.)

The store features all the now-familiar elements of the new-look layout, including the Genius Grove, whose trees are ficus, a species native to Australia.

The original store had outgrown its capacity, expanding from 69 employees at opening to 240 when it closed its doors. It had become one of Australia’s busiest stores, serving around 3500 customers a day.

Broadsheet reports that all of Australia’s 22 stores are in line for the makeover.

Check out the photos below, with more available over at Broadsheet.