Automatically measure your caffeine intake with Apple’s Health app and a smart mug

If you’re trying to keep tabs on your caffeine intake, the task just got easier – thanks to a clever link-up between Apple’s Health app and a smart mug …


Ember has had a couple of temperature-controlled smart mugs on sale for some time, one ceramic one for use in the home or office, and a stainless steel and plastic travel model. You can choose your desired temperature for a range of drinks, and the mug will keep your coffee, tea or other beverage at that temperature for up to two hours.

Each allows you to set the target temperature in a companion app, or rotate the base until the desired temperature is shown. But Ember realized that it could also take advantage of the Bluetooth link to your iPhone to let the app calculate your caffeine intake.

The smart mug already knows how much liquid is in it, thanks to a series of temperature sensors up the side. (If you always drink the same size servings, you can also preset the size in the app.) It can also measure how many times a day you refill it. But how does it know what you’re drinking? CNET explains.

Since the idea is to drink each type of beverage at a specific, ideal temperature, the Ember should decode exactly what you drink

The data is then passed to the Health app (assuming you give it permission to do so), which will alert you if you’ve hit your recommended maximum daily caffeine intake.

The Ember smart mug is available in the US and Canada, and will also be sold in Apple stores. Apple has had a growing focus on health, with the Apple Watch now primarily positioned as a health and fitness device, and the Health and Activity apps on the iPhone helping owners maintain a healthier lifestyle.

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