Aventura’s new Apple Store: Grand opening photos and details

Along Florida’s southern shores, a cool coastal pavilion punctures the tropical humidity. Customers today celebrated the grand reopening of Apple Aventura just outside of Miami. An all-new location and all-new design are just part of the story behind what is undoubtedly the most noteworthy — and the most chill — Apple Store in the Southeastern United States.

Playful waves of sculpted white concrete rhythmically draw your eye across the skyline of Apple Aventura, tapering to a sharp peak at both ends. Arched panes of glass enclose each of the store’s seven ceiling vaults, creating a transparent barrier between the interior and exterior. No, Apple didn’t buy up a classic 1950s storefront or revitalize a Googie roadside gem, but it was inspired by Miami’s architectural heritage.

Apple Aventura borrows from the airy and optimistic styling of Miami Modern architecture, a mid-century vernacular characterized by its use of cast concrete, light color schemes, dynamic shapes, and extensive glass. The style became popular in South Florida between the 1940s and late 1960s following a rich era of Art Deco construction around Miami.