Behind the scenes at Apple’s WWDC Podcast studio setup [Gallery]

During Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference this week, the company has a podcast studio setup for the second year for both press and developers to use for recording on-site. This year, the studio was decked out in a 3D version of Apple’s WWDC graphics made out of what felt like a styrofoam-like material.

I got a tour of the studio today along with our resident podcaster and 9to5Mac Happy Hour and Daily host Zac Hall, and sat in to record today’s episode of our Daily podcast.

Head below for a look at the WWDC podcast studio…

The studio itself had four Shure SM7B mics setup along with Beats Pro headphones so podcasters can just sit down and record without having to use any of their own equipment.

For those not at WWDC, Apple is also set up to FaceTime off-site guests and hosts to join those at the podcast studio. The purple lighting you see was provided by a couple of Philips Hue Go lights in addition to the custom Apple Podcasts signage.