Belkin launches new 10W Boost Up Wireless Charging Pad and Stand with unique design for iPhone

Belkin has today made its newest 10W wireless chargers available, the Boost Up Charging Pad and Boost Up Charging Stand. The new offerings are available in three colors and the stand model brings a unique design to the market.

Announced back at CES 2018, both the new Boost Up wireless chargers feature 10W power which will charge iPhones wirelessly at the fastest rate possible (7.5W for now) while most Android smartphones will be able to take advantage of the full output.

  • Optimal wireless charging for all Qi-enabled devices
  • Faster universal charging up to 10 watts delivers 7.5-watt optimal charging for iPhone X, iPhone 8, and iPhone 8 Plus; up to 9 watts for Samsung devices; and up to 10 watts for all other Qi-enabled devices including LG and Sony
  • Carefully engineered to minimize interference and protect phone functionality while charging
  • 15-foot AC adapter ensures accurate power output
  • Multiple colorways are available depending on regional availability: Midnight Black, Desert Pink, Snowcap White

While there’s nothing groundbreaking here, the pink color option along with a fresh stand design may be appealing features for some. The pad comes in all three colors, while the stand comes in black or white. The 15-foot cable is also a handy addition to reach any outlet.

The stand works easily with iPhone in both portrait and landscape modes and also will charge through cases up to 3mm thick (excluding metal cases).

Belkin’s Boost Up Charging Pad is priced at $60, while Boost Up Charging Stand goes for $70. Both wireless chargers are now available from Belkin direct and Amazon.