Caption contest: What’s Robert Mueller getting help with at a Washington D.C. Apple store?

It’s a busy time of the year for most Apple stores, but one location in Washington D.C. got a surprise visitor today: Special Counsel Robert Mueller. Washington Examiner reporter Kelly Cohen took to Twitter this afternoon to share an image of Muller and his wife at the Georgetown Apple store.

This, of course, means it’s time for a 9to5Mac caption contest.

In the image, Mueller can be seen working with an Apple store employee. It looks as if he might be buying something, although he could be receiving some tech support or setup help as well. In typical Bob Mueller fashion, he’s rocking a suit for this casual visit.

There are already some great captions floating around on Twitter, but we know 9to5Mac readers can do it better. What do you think Robert Mueller is doing or getting help with at the Georgetown Apple store? Let us know down in the comments and up vote your favorites.

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