CarPlay in iOS 15: Announce Messages with Siri, Driving Focus customization, new wallpapers

Apple is upgrading the CarPlay experience with an update coming to the iPhone this fall. iOS 15 introduces new features for drivers, including Announce Messages with Siri, Driving Focus for handling notifications, new wallpapers for personalizing appearance, and even more.

Announce Messages with Siri

Apple has slowly been rolling out a feature called Announce Messages with Siri to more devices recently. Announce Messages first appeared on AirPods, where Siri can read text messages through earphones without looking at your iPhone or iPad.

Starting with iOS 15, CarPlay now works with Announce Messages for the first time.

CarPlay has always been able to read text messages aloud when tapping a notification on your car’s built-in screen. This lets you stay in touch with important messages when driving without taking your eyes off the road to look at your iPhone.