Carrier compatibility for the various iPhone X models

Like Apple has done with the iPhone 8/8 Plus, the iPhone X won’t have the same carrier compatibility for all variants. Whether you want to keep as many options open for switching to another carrier in the future, or would like to know which models will work for you if your first choice is out of stock as you go to preorder the device, follow along below…

While GSM is the standard for most carriers around the globe, Sprint and Verizon in the U.S. still use CDMA. While Apple hasn’t shared the iPhone X’s exact cellular specifications on its website, it does let us know that the AT&T and T-Mobile variants will be GSM only and won’t work with Verizon and T-Mobile.

While Apple is clearly detailing that all models are unlocked when choosing a carrier variant, the Verizon and Sprint models will have the most carrier flexibility, until we see Apple offer a SIM free version.

If the iPhone X cellular specs are the same as the 8, all models will feature the same 24 LTE bands, but the differentiator will be GSM/CDMA support.