Case maker Olixar believes iPhone SE 2 will feature iPhone X-esque design with slim bezels and notch

We’ve received some interesting photos from iPhone case maker Olixar of what they believe the iPhone SE 2 to look like. They are already advertising screen protectors for sale and shared schematics from ‘Chinese factory sources’ with us. They believe the new iPhone SE will resemble an iPhone X with slim bezels and a notch cutout.

This is a hard claim to take seriously, given the SE’s traditional lower price point, but Olixar definitely seem convinced. This is also not the first report that the SE will have a notch screen design. More photos and schematics info after the jump …

It’s worth noting that a different source, Tiger Mobiles, reported that they had seen CAD drawings a few weeks ago, that also depicted a ~5-inch device with a notch, again believed to be the new iPhone SE 2. These seemed like wild claims at the time, but it’s worth sharing now we have other sources of information saying the same thing.

We’d still treat this firmly as a rumor rather than confirmation at this stage. A much more likely expectation for the iPhone SE 2 is a minor spec up over the previous model with only minor hardware chassis changes.

Nevertheless, this is what Olixar is saying. Their sources claim the SE 2 will look like a smaller iPhone X from the front, but the sides of the device retain the straight aluminium edges of the current SE design, harkening back to the iPhone 5 era.

Olixar shared wireframe schematics of the supposed new chassis, including supposed dimensions for the device. The phone will be about 12.1cm long by 5.5cm wide, almost identical to the current SE’s dimensions. Most interestingly, the schematics measure the notch region as being only 1.87cm wide.