Children Pranks His Father and mothers With Easy iPhone Keyboard Tweak

There can be undoubtedly no much better example of a wholesome household enjoyable than messing about with your moms and dads iPhones in order to play a terrible, but hilarious prank on them. It’s extremely essential for adolescents and teens to have an active social life these days, specifically considering we stay in an age where track record and the viewpoints of our peers matters so considerably. That’s why no-one can truly have any ill feeling to a Reddit user who completely pranked his father and mothers with this easy iPhone technique.

We ought to alert you right from the start that this prank is incredibly childish and in no chance represents the mature attitude that we would anticipate kids to show towards their moms and dads. With that in mind, it’s perfectly executed, and let’s be truthful right here, every children deserves to toss a remarkable party once in a while, right? By using the iPhone’s ability to add text-based shortcuts, this user had the ability to acquire his mom and father’s iPhones, and changed what was shown when they tried to type in the word “No”. It resembles he understood his moms and dads attitude towards teenage partying and pre-empted the unfavorable response. Go figure.


As part of a group iMessage with his “Mama” and “Daddy”, he asked. “Hey guys can I entertain tmrw [sic] night”. As you may expect, his mother fired back with exactly what she thought was an immediate “No” response, but due to the addition of the faster way was really sent out as “HELL YES”. That’s where the confusion started as she can’t really workout what’s going on and why she’s not able to respond with a simple “No”. Advance the guy of your home, to express his dominance over the situation, or so he believes.


When this user’s father gets included things just get even funnier; the shortcut on his phone has been changed to show “WHERE THE BITCHES AT”, whenever he types the word “No”. Not just does he have express written authorization to have his celebration through the medium that is Apple’s iMessage, but any individual reading this from the outside will think that his parents are not just pleased for him to have the party, however are in fact very excited about it judging by their responses. A basic trick, performed completely on unwitting moms and dads who clearly do not have the most advanced grasp of their smartphones. Well played, sir.

(Source: Reddit)

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