Chrome 92 for iOS adds ‘Full Page’ screenshot support, Face/Touch ID lock for Incognito Tabs

Google is rolling out Chrome 92 for iOS today with a number of new user-facing features and tweaks.

With this update, Google Chrome now supports system-level Full Page screenshots, just like Safari. After taking a capture with the standard button combination for your device and tapping the preview that appears in the bottom-left corner, you’ll see a new “Full Page” tab.

From there, you can use the tool to customize, save, and share. In comparison, Google is still working on this capability for Chrome in Android 12. 

As a security measure, you can lock Incognito Tabs so that they require Touch/Face ID or passcode before they can be opened. It’s ideal when you’re sharing devices with others. To enable this feature, go to Settings > Privacy > Lock Incognito tabs.