Columba For iOS 8 Objectives To Provide BiteSMS Alternative On Jailbroken Devices

It might appear like the jailbreak neighborhood has reduced lately, however that isn’t strictly the case. While it’s real that some old preferred jailbreak tweaks haven’t received the love and interest we would have liked, there is always another person waiting to take up the slack.

One jailbreak fine-tune that has actually been a staple of the commnunity throughout the years is BiteSMS, however for whatever reason it never got update for iOS 8 and now it seems like it might never in fact get it. That’s a genuine shame too, because we’ve been big fans of BiteSMS given that its introduction and various redesigns, but resembles it’s time to move on.


Hoping to fill the gap left by BiteSMS, Columba is available to download from the Cydia jailbreak store and it brings with it some of the functionaity we would desire from an innovative messaging app or fine-tune. The normal fast reply feature exists, as is a number of various methods of starting a brand-new message without needing to open the Messages app first, however Columba does not come without a warning.

For starters, even though the core of an excellent jailbreak tweak exists, it isn’t perfect. There are some odd performance issues with pauses here and there and some users have reported more significant problems when they have more than one quick reply-type tweak installed. So long as you go into this thing with that in mind though, you need to be OK.


The other issue is the price. We do not challenge paying the $ 2.99, however offered a few of the problems and the requirement for fairly a bit of work still, Columba may be very well left alone up until some updates have arrived.

If you do take the plunge, you’ll find a quick compose window that can be invoked through the typical host of Activator approaches or utilizing the volume HUD should you prefer, and Columba even puttings a button to the standard Messages app that allows the composing of texts based on predefined templates. There’s even the ability to schedule messages as well.


If you’ve been awaiting BiteSMS to get an upgrade and just can’t wait any longer, Columba is worth an appearance if you can deal with the prospective fallout of bugs and perfomace concerns as described previously. If not, then watch on it as it gets updates due to the fact that as soon as it does, this might be the BiteSMS replacement we have actually been waiting for.

You can download Columba from the BigBoss repo in Cydia.

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