Concept shows iPhone 13 Pro with smaller notch and more

We’re only three or four months away from the announcement of the next generation iPhone, but rumors already give us an idea of what to expect from Apple’s new smartphones in 2021. Based on everything leaked so far, ConceptCreator together with LetsGoDigital have created beautiful 3D renders of what the iPhone 13 Pro will look like.

Some schematics that leaked earlier this year indicate that this year’s iPhones will be more like an “iPhone 12S” rather than an iPhone 13, although the official names remain unknown. That’s because the design will remain pretty much the same as the current generation, with only a few noticeable changes.

For instance, these schematics suggest that the new iPhones will be thicker and have larger camera lenses — at least in the Pro lineup. There’s another aspect of Apple’s smartphone that rumors suggest will change with iPhone 13, and that’s the notch at the top of the screen.

The notch will not go away, as Apple still needs it to place the Face ID sensors, but this year’s iPhones should have a slightly smaller notch. While this definitely won’t have that much impact on the overall design, it could bring back more useful information to the status bar on the iPhone 13 models.

And that’s exactly what the concept shows us. We can see a new version of the iPhone Pro that is very similar to the iPhone 12 Pro, but with a smaller notch, bigger cameras, and new colors (although there are no concrete leaks about new colors in the iPhone 13 lineup).

While this may seem disappointing, it wouldn’t come as a surprise since Apple usually keeps the same design for a while after a big change — like the one with iPhone 12. It’s possible that Apple is more focused on improving the iPhone hardware with things like better cameras, bigger batteries, and expanded 5G support.