Customers complain about M1 iMac with crooked stand

The new iMac has been in stores for a while now, and the reviews about it are mostly positive due to its new ultra-thin, colorful design and the power of the M1 chip. However, some customers are now complaining about iMac M1 units that were shipped with a crooked stand.

As first noted by YouTuber iPhonedo, it seems that some iMac M1 units have a crooked stand, which causes the display to tilt more to the left or right. While the problem may not seem that obvious at first, it becomes extremely noticeable once you compare the iMac with other objects.

For instance, iPhonedo measured both sides of the new iMac with a ruler. On one side, the ruler indicated 7.6 centimeters between the bottom of the iMac and the desk, while the distance on the other side was 8 centimeters.

As noted by MacRumors, there are similar complaints on the Apple Support Community and also on Reddit. At this point, it’s unclear whether this problem has affected only a few iMac units or whether this is a widespread manufacturing defect. Apple hasn’t acknowledged the issue so far.

If you recently purchased an iMac and noticed that the stand is crooked, you can try returning it to Apple for a refund. There’s also the option to request a replacement through AppleCare support.

Have you noticed if your iMac M1 is crooked? Let us know in the comments section below.

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