Deal of the Month: OnlyBrush iOScontrolled smart toothbrush travel kit w/ wireless charging 60% off

This month we’ve teamed up with HomeIQ to celebrate the launch of its new OnlyBrush iOS-controlled smart toothbrush and travel kit. For a limited time, you can preorder the new product up to 60% off for a special $60 early bird price:

Get the HomeIQ OnlyBrush smart toothbrush & travel kit for $60 (Reg. $149)

The iPhone or Apple Watch-controlled OnlyBrush is a complete travel kit with the toothbrush designed to be a part of its own carrying case alongside built-in toothpaste and dental floss dispensers, an integrated mirror and a cleaning tool. It’s all built into a single sleek case that can charge the brush with an included USB-C cable or with a wireless charger.

OnlyBrush Travel Kit Design

The OnlyBrush itself utilizes a magnetic connector that makes it super easy to mount and store back in the case which doubles as the brush’s handle when in use. The case is made with travel in mind with the entire package coming in at just 105 grams (3.7 oz) and only 127mm (5 in) tall. It’s so compact and light that you can be your companion anywhere you go, on travel, on the airplane, at work, in the office, or even a restaurant.

The brush itself utilizes nanotech silicone bristles that are especially suitable for people with gum disease or gum sensitivity but designed to be perfect for the majority of regular users too. The OnlyBrush also utilizes sonic wave technology to effectively remove plaque. The heads are easily replaceable and available for around 1/8th of the cost of the average traditional electric toothbrush replacement heads.

A spill-proof toothpaste dispenser built into the case includes capacity for approximately a 6 day supply (brushing twice a day) and the refillable dental floss container similarly holds about 15 uses worth of floss.

Since one of OnlyBrush’s goals is to replace disposable products that are often used when traveling, the company has also made sure all electronic components are RoHS compliant to make the product as environmentally friendly as possible.

Water-resistance is equivalent to IPX6.

For portability and travel, OnlyBrush is IPX6 equivalent water-resistant while the entire dental kit itself is also designed to be floatable. While the OnlyBrush is a complete unit by itself, you’ll also get a complimentary canvas toiletry bag along with an included USB-C cable for charging, 1 dental floss core, and a squeegee cleaning tool included. The pack comes with an extra 8 brush heads which last more than 24 months if you pre-order now.

iPhone, Apple Watch and Siri control

With a companion app for iPhone or Apple Watch (and Android devices) you’ll be able to set preferred brush modes, control schedules for brushing time, change reminder tones, and also utilize features for Lost and Lockdown modes. Lockdown mode allows you to disable the toothbrush from the app to prevent others from using it. Once you set a preferred brushing mode in the app, OnlyBrush will automatically recall the user’s favorite setting when powered on. And since most people don’t brush their teeth correctly, HiQ included an easy to understand brushing instructions which will guide you just like a dentist. 

Using voice control with Siri (or Google Assistant), you can also use Apple Watch or AirPods to activate “Lost mode” or set a new preferred brushing mode.

Qi wireless charging

OnlyBrush is the only electric toothbrush in the world that includes the Qi wireless charging standard (HiQ joined the Wireless Power Consortium). With this, you can utilize the same wireless charger you use with your iPhone or other device, which of course prevents carrying an extra charger only for your electric toothbrush when you travel. If you’d prefer a wired charge, OnlyBrush comes with an included USB-C cable for charging via a built-in USB port on the case. As pictured above, the app for iPhone will give you a full breakdown on battery life as well as reminders for when it’s time to charge.

Get the HomeIQ OnlyBrush smart toothbrush & travel kit for $60 (Reg. $149)

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