Designers render stunning future Apple TV using Apple Watch, iPhone 6 design hints


What would it bring to develop the Apple TV from a plastic $ 69 puck into a desirable device worth a premium asking cost? A design partnership in between designers Martin Hajek and Andrew Ambrosino offers some engaging answers, obtaining Apple Watch and iPhone 6 design hints to re-imagine the Apple TV as a two-tone, metal-clad box with a coordinating color touchscreen remote. The remote can be made use of for fundamental icon-based navigation of the Apple TV’s apps, or turned over to expose a basic video game controller.

While totally various from the actual fourth-generation Apple TV expected to debut tomorrow at Apple’s unique event in San Francisco, Hajek and Ambrosino’s makings suggest an alternative truth where Apple could encourage individuals to pay $ 300 for a set top box. Black and silver or white and gold versions are displayed in the gallery below, each with interesting button designs…

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… The standard principle behind Hajek’s hardware design is a return to the “aluminum ring, shiny top” design initially seen on the first-generation Apple TELEVISION, however resized and reshaped to mimic the curvy appearance of the Apple Watch. A beautiful Apple logo and Touch ID button are equally unlikely leading features, nonetheless giving the set top box an unique outside.

Hajek’s remote obtains design aspects from the iPhone, including everything from a FaceTime cam to a color touchscreen, a Touch ID sensing unit, and metallic edge buttons, while its back has the round directional controller of the second- and third-generation Apple TELEVISION and four game controller-like action buttons. Like the Apple TV box, Hajek’s mix of metal, plastic, and glass aspects (and twin control surfaces) is a big stretch, however looks extremely cool, regardless.

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Ambrosino’s iOS 9-influenced Apple TV UI ideas, which debuted prior to Hajek’s hardware makings, are expanded to reveal a touchscreen with a scrolling list of icons, scrolling lists, and a Lock screen. The icon list looks just like the iPad app option feature in iOS 9’s split-screen multitasking pane, and suggests — — in spite of Apple’s many previous push-button control design choices to the contrary — — that having the ability to see things on your remote instead of just swiping through lists on the TELEVISION would be beneficial.

The real fourth-generation Apple TV is expected to be revealed tomorrow, with specs and functions outlined in our special report. Apple will supposedly keep the current-generation Apple TELEVISION available for $ 69.

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