Do you currently use Night Shift on iOS? Will you use it on macOS? [Poll]

Earlier today, we went hands-on with the recent addition of Night Shift to macOS. The feature comes with macOS 10.12.4, which was released to developers yesterday.

Night Shift is Apple’s color temperature adjustment feature that automatically changes the temperature of your display depending on what time of day it is. The feature was first introduced with iOS 9.3 and has come to the Mac one year later.

Do you use Night Shift on iOS? Will you use it on the Mac?

Night Shift on the Mac is very similar to, though more basic than, popular third-party tool Flux. Flux was around long before Apple first introduced Night Shift on iOS and following the introduction of Night Shift, the Flux developers asked Apple for its app to be allowed on the App Store after several rejections, but nothing ever came of that.

Night Shift on the Mac isn’t as advanced as Flux is. For instance, there isn’t support for disabling the feature for certain apps or windows, such as a video playback. In our hands-on this morning, however, we noted that Night Shift is very simple to enable because of its system-level integration.

At this point, it’s unclear if Apple plans to add any additional features to Night Shift on the Mac. At this point, the feature doesn’t disable itself when Photos is launched like it does on iOS, so that seems like a feature Apple is likely considering.

For many, Flux has become an integral part of their macOS routine and switching to the more limited Night Shift might be unnecessary. For those out there that would rather use a first-party Apple tool instead a third-party utility, however, Night is a welcome feature addition.

What are your opinions on Night Shift? Do you use it on iOS and will you use it on Mac? Or are you a Flux user that doesn’t plan to make the jump? Take the two polls below and let us know your full thoughts down in the comments.

If you still want to add Flux to your Mac, read our how-to on that here. For more on Night Shift on macOS, check out Zac’s hands-on post and video here.

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