Does the new MacBook Pro’s Touch Bar improve your workflow? [Poll]

Lots has been made about the new MacBook Pro’s Touch Bar, the integrated touch sensitive display that replaces the top row of the device’s keyboard. The Touch Bar is contextually sensitive, offering different functions depending on what app you are using, and support is growing as more apps add new functions and support in general. But has it become part of your daily workflow?

Apple has a long list of its own apps that offer Touch Bar functions— we previously gave you the rundown back when the MacBook Pro launched — and it of course has system-wide use like the function keys for things like screen brightness, media controls, etc. Apple also just updated its own Logic Pro X audio production app with some of the best Touch Bar support we’ve seen yet, including fully customizable shortcuts. That’s the type of thing that will likely soon come to many other pro apps and greatly improve the Touch Bar’s usefulness beyond what it does already.

Then there is a growing list of third-party apps that support Touch Bar that can also supercharge what the hardware is capable of. For some, the Touch Bar’s full potential might not be realized until their apps of choice get support or updates for additional and more customizable functions. There has even been some chatter about the chance of Apple bringing a similar Touch Bar experience to other Macs in the future, including hints at the possibility of a standalone keyboard version.  

So, how have you been using the Touch Bar? Has it become part of your daily workflow or perhaps even improved it? Does it feel more like a necessity for the function keys it replaced? Or maybe you like it but are still waiting on support for the apps and features you use most?

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