Eat24 discovers iPhone homeowners healthier than their Android counterparts

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Congrats, iPhone owners: Popular online food buying service Eat24 has actually figured out that you are healthier than users of Google’s Android. That’s based upon information it collected from its mobile app over a three month duration, tracking information concerning how ordering practices varied throughout the rival platforms.

To come to its conclusion, Eat24 initially took a look at its filters utilized for limiting local dining establishment options. Right here, the business found that 27 % of iPhone users whittle down their choices to just the “Healthy” range before selecting other filters. That’s compared to 17 % of Android users.


In defense of the Android faithful, we can’t accept this data as definitive. Just due to the fact that somebody filters their results to healthy choices prior to doing anything else doesn’t imply they go through with an order of healthy food. That being stated, the data is once more in the favor of iPhone users: Eat24 clients on iOS are 7 % more most likely to order vegetables (veggies of the fried variety consisted of) than those on Android. Perhaps as a runner-up prize, the business notes that Android users are 10 % most likely to buy hot food. To that I say, man up, Apple campers!


If you think there needs to be some shining light here for Android users, the final set of objective information Eat24 offers in its report would show you incorrect. The business found that Android users are 2 times less most likely to order pickup– aka get off their couch and go someplace– than their iPhone equivalents. Eat24 rightfully keeps in mind the other method to look at this, calling Android users “badass king [s] of the couch.”


Eat24’s comical research study completes up by pulling some completely clinical conclusions from other attributes of the contending operating systems, like exactly what their logo designs represent and how numerous health-related apps show up in the first row of each others’ popular apps areas, to name 2. Apple, obviously, wins in these rounds also. Now would be an excellent time to question why in the world each significant upgrade of Android is called after a various dessert. So embarrassing.

Anybody can see that this research throws many of its punches at Android while masking the OS’s alleviation rewards as wins. Do not get too mad, though. Eat24 suches as to rarely launch these half-joking reports, even stating in the conclusion of this one that the results are “Definitive proof that iPhone users are healthier than Android.” That’s a blatantly false thing to state if only for the percentage of information the business based its research off of, and if you actually wanted to you might discover other data to paint a story in Android’s favor. How about we call a truce and learn more about more about each others’ health-tracking apps over a nice meal — I’ll bring the pizza, you bring a vegetable tray?Filed under

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