Elgato announces five new HomeKit devices, including door lock and smoke-detector

Elgato has announced that it is adding five new HomeKit devices to its range of Eve-branded smart home technology. The first of them, a 2nd-generation Eve Thermo – a thermostatic radiator valve – will ship on September 26 at a price of $60, with availability yet to be announced for the four other products.

The new Eve Thermo adds capacitive touch control and integrated temperature display of the target temperature.

The four other products are a door lock, smoke-detector, window alarm and irrigation system …

The door lock is a partnership with Yale.

Eve Lock turns your door into a self-locking entrance, securing it automatically against break-in attempts. As soon as you close the door behind you, Eve Lock will secure the latches and bolts so the door is safe at all times. Use Siri, Apple Home or the Eve App to monitor and control Eve Lock. Thanks to HomeKit, you can safely grant access to a visitor even when you’re away from home. Eve Lock, which is powered by an internal battery and uses Bluetooth, is developed in cooperation with Yale.

Elgato has taken the same partnership approach with its smoke-detector.

In the case of fire, Eve Smoke will not only set off a loud, pulsating tone but also HomeKit notifications and scenes. Eve Smoke is smart enough to not only monitor your rooms but also its own health. Use Siri, Apple Home or the Eve App to check the detector’s state or access its settings. Thanks to energy efficient Bluetooth technology, Eve Smoke offers a battery lifetime of ten years. It relies on proven smoke detection technology by Hager, a leading provider of electrical installation and security technology.

Window Guard is a more intelligent version of the existing Eve window sensor.

Eve Window Guard senses tamper force on a window and detects if it is open, closed or tilted. When it changes its state, Eve Window Guard will send a HomeKit notification to your iPhone. The Bluetooth sensor is a HomeKit enabled version of the patented one-piece EiMSIG sensor design that slots into your window frame, completely out of sight.

Finally, the Eve Aqua is an irrigation controller that takes advantage of a new feature in iOS 11 to turn any garden hose into a Siri controlled water source.

With Eve Aqua, sprinkle your lawn without lifting a finger. The battery powered, Bluetooth enabled controller will automatically water in accordance with custom schedules, or upon a voice command to irrigate your flower beds. . What’s more, Eve Aqua tracks your watering activity, empowering you with insight to better cater to your garden’s needs.

You can find more details of all the products on a preview page.

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