ExoLens Rating: Hands-On With an Expert Photography System for iPhone 6

Apple’s iPhone has actually topped Flickr’s listing of the leading mobile video cameras for many years, with Apple also going beyond Nikon to be the number 2 video camera brand on the service earlier this year. Mobile phone digital photography is thriving and there has been no scarcity of devices to help users take also much better pictures, and one of the most up to date access in this classification is the ExoLens system.
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Apple came to us two years ago looking for a higher end lens system for their approaching devices” claims John Willenborg, CEO at ExoLens. “The goal was to engineer something that mirrored the top quality and precision of the iPhone 6 with the power of a mini DSLR.”

Exactly what’s in the Box

The ExoLens system makes up two lenses– a 3x telephoto lens and a 165º wide angle lens– that screw into a machined aluminum bracket that slides into an iPhone. The brace has an integrated 1/4″-20 tripod position, which will likewise function with some selfie sticks/monopods. Likewise consisted of are lens caps, a lens hood for the telephoto lens, and a microfiber bring bag. ExoLens officially releases today for the iPhone 6 with a list price of $$ 129.95, with a design for the iPhone 6 Plus prepared for launch in May.


All consisted of things, other than the microfiber bag

The bracket is made of machined aluminum. The telephoto lens has a focal length of 90 mm and measures 37 mm x 24 mm and evaluates 40 grams. The wide angle lens steps 37mm x 16mm and considers 30 grams. The bracket and lenses feel solid and specifically made. The brace is a darker grey compared to the area gray iPhone and is extremely light, weighing in at 25 grams.

Just how It Functions

The ExoLens bracket slides into an iPhone 6– it’s lined with foam to prevent scraping the iPhone. It takes a reasonable amount of pressure to place an iPhone but it’s a snug and safe fit, which means the iPhone will not inadvertently move out of the bracket. This is, though, a drawback of the ExoLens. It’s not possible to utilize the bracket on an iPhone 6 that’s in a case and the bracket is bulky sufficient to make it cumbersome to leave on an iPhone regularly, in addition to that it doesn’t offer much security to an iPhone to work as a situation to begin with. Getting rid of an instance from an iPhone, then placing on the ExoLens bracket and affixing a lens takes a minute, so recording pictures spontaneously using the system could be hard.

exolens-bracket-on copy
If you have actually obtained a planned occasion or picture shoot, this most likely won’t be a factor. The lenses screw right into the bracket effortlessly and augment the iPhone’s abilities to take larger landscape photos or zoom in on things or scenery that would generally need using the iPhone’s electronic zoom.

The brace has a cut-out for the wake/sleep switch on the best side and leaves the bottom of the iPhone entirely uncovered. The tripod place is on the left side and does not meddle with the quantity buttons or mute/silent switch. On the back, it’s placed over the iPhone’s electronic camera lens to ensure that the included lenses are focused perfectly over it when mounted. Significantly, it does cover the iPhone’s flash. It is for use with the rear-facing camera only, unlike the lens sets recently launched by Olloclip, which will deal with the front-facing cam as well.

While it’s simple enough to hold an iPhone constant in your hands utilizing the ExoLens system, it’s truly maximized for usage with a tripod with its built-in tripod place. The brace is simple to position on a tripod and holds the lenses safely, transforming the iPhone 6 into a “miniature DSLR” as meant.

exolens-lens-installed copy

The Lenses at work

Here are pictures captured with an iPhone 6 without lens attached, the 165º broad angle lens affixed, and the 3x telephoto lens attached, specifically:

iphone-6-no-lens copy

Taken with the iPhone 6, no lens affixed

iphone-6-wide-angle copy
Taken with the ExoLens broad angle lens

iphone-6-telephoto copy
Taken with the ExoLens telephoto lens (the circle on the right is a drop of wetness, not a problem in the lens)

The broad angle lens significantly enhances the industry of view but things beyond the facility of the area of sight are visibly indistinct. Tapping to concentrate on these items in the Cam app does absolutely nothing to adjust this.

The telephoto lens supplies an outstanding zoom degree yet there’s substantial distortion. In a FAQ, ExoLens states, “All wide-angle and telephoto lenses are going to induce some flexing or distorting of the natural world. The a lot more powerful the lens the more the picture will certainly distort. ExoLens has one of one of the most powerful telephoto lenses on the marketplace. To decrease this impact ensure to focus the topic in the structure or you can shoot in ‘square mode’.”

Below are photos caught with an iPhone 6 without lens attached (leading) and the 3x telephoto lens affixed (base) on a subject inside. With a single topic at a shorter range, the distortion is much less visible.

iphone-6-indoor-no-lens copy 2

iphone-6-indoor-telephoto copy 2
The lenses do significantly improve the iPhone’s abilities yet the distortion with the telephoto lens and out-of-focus sides with the large angle lens, even though anticipated and typical, could be distracting. Nevertheless, it’s feasible to work about this by considering your topic, the distance to it, and adjusting correctly.

Who Is It For?

With its integrated tripod place, the ExoLens system is ideal for those which do not have or do not intend to make use of a DSLR but do want the capability to position an iPhone on a tripod to record far better pictures or images of scenery. As a point-and-shoot remedy for unplanned graphic capture, the ExoLens is less ideal with the time it requires to glide the bracket on and attach a lens, especially if you have a case to remove from the iPhone first.

At $$ 129.95, the ExoLens system is not inexpensive though it does defeat acquiring a DSLR camera, which would certainly cost at the very least a couple of hundred dollars. If you currently have a tripod or selfie stick/monopod and desire to take staged photos at family events or vacationing and could adapt to suit or avoid the distortion and concentration issues, the ExoLens system might be a fantastic portable option to enhance your iPhone’s photo capabilities.


  • Bracket and lenses are well-crafted of high-quality products
  • Brace matches iPhone comfortably and securely
  • Excellent zoom degree with telephoto lens
  • Extremely easy to mount to a tripod and steady when installed
  • Very portable


  • Time to install bracket makes spontaneous use challenging
  • Recognizable distortion and emphasis factors with some subjects/distances
  • Expensive
  • Can not be used with front-facing electronic camera
  • Can just be used on a case-less iPhone

The best ways to Buy

The ExoLens system for iPhone 6 could be bought from Apple’s on-line store for $$ 129.95.

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