Five iOS Apps Worth Checking Out – July 2018

On our MacRumors YouTube channel, we have a bi-monthly video series that’s designed to highlight new, interesting, and useful iOS apps that we think are worth downloading and checking out.

There are so many apps in the iOS App Store that it can be hard to find new content, and it’s also easy to overlook great apps that are a bit older. Our app lists include both new and old apps that we recommend and have personally tested out.

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Our picks this month are game heavy, with two games that we’ve enjoyed featured. We’ve also included a list-making app that was recently updated with some fresh design elements, an app for tracking shows you want to watch, and a simple but useful app that stitches screenshots together.

  1. Watchlist ($1.99) – There are a lot of options for TV shows and movies these days, and it can be difficult to remember everything that you want to watch. With Watchlist, when you see a trailer for a movie or show you might like or get a recommendation from a friend, you can add it into the app so you never lose track of great content you want to see. You can also see the availability of TV shows and movies on Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, and iTunes.
  2. Bring! (Free) – Bring is a shopping list app that’s been around for about a year, but it recently got some useful design tweaks in the form of a new quick access toolbar. Bring is a simple, visual based shopping list that’s also collaborative so everyone in the household can add items that are needed. You can add product photos to make sure you purchase the correct brands, and there are options to make lists for different occasions and places, like work and home.
  3. Tailor (Free) – Tailor is an app that’s designed to stitch together your screenshots, useful if you want to share a Messages conversation, an email, app data, or anything else you might need to take multiple screenshots of to capture in its entirety. Tailor is free to use, but it’s ad supported with an option to pay $2.99 to remove the ads.
  4. Hello Neighbor (Free to try) – Hello Neighbor is a creepy stealth horror game where you’re tasked with sneaking into your weird neighbor’s house to figure out what’s going on in his basement. You need to sneak in and solve puzzles without getting caught, because your neighbor doesn’t take kindly to intruders. This is a popular game that’s been available on PCs and consoles but recently made its way to mobile. It’s free to download and try, but you need to pay $14.99 to unlock the full game.
  5. Westworld (Free) – Westworld is a world-building game that’s based on the popular TV show “Westworld.” If you’ve played Fallout Shelter, the gameplay is pretty similar — so similar in fact, that Bethesda has sued Warner Bros for copyright infringement and misappropriation of trade secrets. Even though it’s like Fallout Shelter, there are some differences and despite the legal woes, it’s an entertaining game, especially for Westworld fans. It’s free, but there are in-app purchases for content add-ons and in-app currency.

Have a favorite iOS app? Let us know down in the comments. We’re always looking for new iOS app ideas for this video series, and we’ll check out all of your recommendations. You can also check out our recommendations from previous months here, and don’t miss our similar Mac app series featuring some great Mac apps.

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