Gboard for iOS updated with haptic feedback on iPhone 7 and later

While the Taptic Engine has been a staple of flagship iPhones since 2016, most iOS keyboards — including the system default — do not support haptic feedback. Google today updated Gboard with support for haptics on every key press.

Version 1.40 of Gboard adds a new “Enable haptic feedback on key press” option in the Keyboard settings menu. When turned on, every tap in the Google keyboard is accompanied by a brief vibration.

This includes every letter, number, and symbol, as well as when accessing Search, YouTube, Google Maps, or contacts from the suggestions row above the keyboard. Haptic feedback is available on iPhone 7 and later phones.

For some users, physical feedback serves as a complement to audible clicks and provides a guarantee that a tap was registered by the device. It is especially useful when using the swipe keyboard, with feedback present as users start and finish swiping.

Haptic feedback when typing is a staple on Android, with Gboard on Google’s operating system letting users customize the vibration strength.