Google Is Dealing with Its Own Uber-Like Service

Uber, the taxi firm developed for the Digital Age, has actually seen tremendous growth in the past couple of years, and regardless of a fair quantity of resistance – – no less from annoyed preexisting taxi firms – – continues to expand its reach and variety of solutions. But while everything seems to be wallowing along relatively smoothly just now, a brand-new report proposes that the dark, shadowy and enforcing figure of Google might be prowling behind-the-scenes, and in spite of the Big G having actually pumped major financial investment right into Uber over the past 18 months approximately, could now be planning to build a directly-competing service.

Given Google’s prowess in Maps, too its deal with self-driving autos, and it’s not challenging to see why the search titan has shown a bit greater than a vested passion in Uber of late. Google Ventures, the VC arm of the Android maker, plowed over a quarter-billion investment into Uber back in August 2013, and amid this massive support, an eventual acquisition seemed unavoidable.

Google main

However, in an unusual spin, Bloomberg is reporting that Google has strategies to present its very own taxi service, one that will, obviously, integrate with the job to bring driverless automobiles forward.

As a testimony to the distance of Google and Uber, David Drummond, chief legal officer and SVP of corporate development at Google, is likewise on the board at Uber, and baseding on the Bloomberg report, has actually currently informed fellow Uber board members of Google’s plans. Having likewise viewed bits of a car pool app that Google is currently examining out as a component of the initiative, it’s reasonable to state that the Uber board is none as well impressed, and hence, Drummond’s position at Uber is being considered.

With previous guides describing Uber’s plans to build study centers complete with scientists to aid push future ventures, it appears that Google has taken into consideration every little thing, and determined that instead than continuing to throw its monetary weight and general assistance behind Uber, it has lots of resources available to imitate and surpass.


This is simply speculative, however by the tone of the Bloomberg report, Google and Uber’s current connection could crash and burn quite promptly if the former makes moves to endanger the entire business of the latter, and where a buyout or lasting collaboration once looked likely, if not inescapable, the proverbial gloves might quickly be coming off.

Google isn’t the only company looking in advance at an independent future where vehicles, and because of this taxis, drive themselves. Yet with such a substantial study team and a sturdy existence in numerous key advancement areas, it is in the sort of position that, if it does strike, might conveniently mean big difficulty for the Uber sauce train.

Just what do you make from all this? Is Google right to go it alone? Share your ideas with us below!

(Source: Bloomberg)

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