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Google needs Apple Songs to play on Chromecast Audio … but Apple is quiet for now

During the statement of Google’s Chromecast Audio yesterday, the firm made certain to mention that audio subscription leader Spotify will shortly be among the various music flowing solutions supported by the system. With several Apple Audio subscriptions reviving (or maybe not reviving) and Google unveiling a $3-5 dongle that retro-fits our present house loudspeakers with Wireless Local Area Network, some are rightfully questioning: What about Apple Audio?

According to statements from Googler (via TrustedReviews), Google does not have any bar on any system joining in on supporting Chromecast, and the Mountain-View firm has already directly requested Apple to play-along…

Chromecast Audio will help a plethora of third party apps on the iOS system at launch, but Apple Audio apparently isn’t one of these. Google claims it isn’t placing any blocks in the manner, although: “we’ve an open SDK, and any programmer can create to that SDK to to aid forged,” stated the Google US representative. “Therefore if Apple does that, then it supports I tunes Music.”

Meanwhile, Apple is creating an Android app for Apple Songs, a move many saw as unprecedented for the business. Before that, I’d have said that indigenous Chromecast support for mdash & Apple Songs; particularly in light of rsquo & Apple;s competing mdash air-play &; would be impossible.

Tim Cook’s Apple has amazed me, though, and Apple Songs undoubtedly wouldn’t be the primary app to support both platforms concurrently. Subsequent Beats Audio which Apple purchased and utilized as the the building blocks for Apple Songs, Apple has guaranteed Apple Audio support on Sonos before the conclusion of the yr therefore related Chromecast Sound support isn’t hopeless to see.

Alongside Chromecast Sound yesterday, Google also declared the 2nd era Chromecast, the Pixel C, the Nexus 5X, and the Nexus 6P. Google additionally made aggressive moves toward Apple using the latest variant of its Chromecast app, which allows consumers sift through content in several the same methods the newest Apple TV does — it even contains voice search. For more, make sure you head up to to our complete roundup of Google’s statements.

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