Grand opening: Apple Xinyi A13 brings a taste of Apple Park to Taipei

Lead image courtesy of Wayne Chen

Apple customers today celebrated the grand opening of Taiwan’s second official Apple Store. Apple Xinyi A13 brings new designs, new ideas, and new opportunities to Taipei. Fans gathered outside the doors and in an overnight queue stretching to Le Méridien Taipei hotel for many hours to be among the first to see what Apple has in store.

Amid the traffic and rush of pedestrians in downtown Taipei, Apple Xinyi A13 carries a laid-back aura. Trees and shallow fountains with massive sections of rough-hewn stone contrast the urban environment. The store’s carbon fiber canopy extends far beyond its curved glass walls, shading the interior from the summer sun. Customers filled this open plaza on all sides waiting for the grand opening countdown. White t-shirts with a stylized Apple Taipei logo and Today at Apple booklets were handed out. 

Inside, two marble composite staircases — both nearly identical in form to those found at Apple Park Visitor Center — descend against stone pillars. The store’s upper floor showcases Apple’s major products, like iPhones, iPads, Macs, and Apple Watches. The lower floor highlights solutions.

Photos courtesy of Wei Lun Tsai

Stepping downstairs you’ll find the Forum and video wall, the store’s private Boardroom, and Avenue shelving filled with third-party accessories along opposing walls. It’s here that Apple wants to show customers how to take their skills and products further. At the foot of each staircase, lines of trees forming Taiwan’s first Genius Grove outline the Forum, where Today at Apple sessions are held. This isn’t the first time Today at Apple has been available in Taiwan, but it is the first time exclusive sessions led by rising voices in Taipei’s creative community will be offered. Customers will filter in to explore directly from the adjacent, nearly finished shopping center when it opens.