Grovemade Evaluation: Hands-On With the Natural leather & Maple iPhone 6 Plus Case and Dock

Portland-based business Grovemade is recognized for its variety of eye-catching wood accessories developed for the iPad and the iPhone, which it has been creating for a number of years now. Grovemade just recently invited MacRumors to go hands-on with two of its latest items for the iPhone 6 Plus, and we jumped at the possibility considering that Grovemade products have been popular with our readers in the previous.

We visited the Maple and Natural leather iPhone Instance and the matching Maple iPhone Dock. Read on to view exactly what we assumed.


Maple & Leather iPhone Case

All Grovemade’s items are crafted by hand and the business’s focus to specific is evident in both the dock and the Maple & Leather iPhone Case.

The base of the iPhone instance is constructed from maple (there’s likewise an option for a darker walnut) that’s been sculpted to match the iPhone 6 Plus.

The phone fits snugly right into the maple covering, which has an intermediaries for the cam, the mute switch, the headset port, the speakers, and the Lightning port. There are darker wood switches for the volume and the power, which are lined with foam on the within to trigger the quantity and power on the iPhone.

At the points where different timber items have actually been signed up with to create the case, there’s darker timber burned accents, which is aesthetically pleasing, and there’s likewise some timber burning around each of the ports, for a darker look. A piece of natural leather coils the backside of the shell and covers the front of the phone, and the leather front cover is connected to one more slice of maple that safeguards the iPhone’s display.

On the maple affixed to the cover, there are three pieces of steel, which adhere to three magnets developed into the wooden shell. Inside the case, there are two added magnets that pop away to allow the natural leather cover draw back to work as a represent the iPhone when in landscape mode. There are 3 different stand placements that provide somewhat different viewing angles, and due to the cover, the phone also stands on its own in portrait method.

Each one of the wood made use of in the situation has actually been brightened smooth, and the natural leather, which is available in a red brownish for the maple instance and a black for the walnut instance, matches well with the timber. As with any kind of natural leather case, it will certainly end up being worn in over time for a more all-natural look. One minor visual information needs to be noted– there’s a noticeable line in the leather astride the case due to the internal cutout for the stand.

Considering that the iPhone is totally enclosed in Grovemade’s Maple & Natural leather iPhone Instance, both the screen and the rear of the phone are safeguarded from scratches, dings, and harm. This isn’t really a situation that’s meant to take on a whole lot of weathering like something from Otterbox, however it appears fairly safety.

A few decline tests from a modest height of 4 feet onto concrete and timber ruined neither the case neither the phone. Since this case is made from wood, it is very important to bear in mind that it’s breakable. If it was dropped at the incorrect angle or from a high sufficient factor, it’s feasible the timber can splinter or split (Grovemade provides a Case Substitute Program for this factor). You’ll additionally have to deal with the natural leather exterior with an affordable quantity of care, as you would certainly any item constructed from leather.

We viewed no damage to the instance after approximately a month of everyday usage, yet the cover did become a bit a lot more put on in and relaxed as would be anticipated with natural leather.

Portability wise, this is not a thin situation. It is bulky and adds a great deal of added thickness to the iPhone, negating the super slim design of Apple’s latest devices. On an iPhone 6 Plus, it’s most likely not visiting match pleasantly in the pocket of a pair of trousers, and it might also be a strict fit in a coat. The situation is light, though, so there’s very little additional weight to deal with.

With the thick timber of the situation, there’s some restriction to the headsets and charging devices that can be used. The basic Apple Lightning wire works for demanding, and the Apple EarPods job, but various other headphones could not conform to. The opening is halfway decent sized, however, and it does deal with Apple’s Beats branded earphones.


Maple iPhone Dock

Like the leather and timber iPhone situations, Grovemade’s iPhone dock comes in two timbers: walnut and maple. The walnut is a darker timber and the maple is a lighter timber, and both stands match the Grovemade iPhone instances. The coordinating look behaves, but however, the stand and the Natural leather iPhone Situation are not designed to collaborate. The thick wood underneath the situation suggests it doesn’t fit firmly in the dock.

Though the Maple iPhone Dock does not function with Grovemade’s very own Leather iPhone Instance, the website claims that it collaborates with a lot of other situations. We located this to be true after testing a selection of cases in new thicknesses, including instances from Apple.

The stand contains three pieces: a steel base, a maple cover, and a plastic insert to hold a Lightning cable in position. It does not ship with a Lightning cord– you will certainly should supply your very own.

Evaluating in at 3 pounds, the steel base of the dock feels strong and it’s not going anywhere on a workdesk or table. Due to the weight, there’s no moving of the dock when you connect in or remove your iPhone, so it could be done one-handed. Beneath the base, there’s a port for the iPhone cable, and a position where you pull the wire with.

The cord is secured by a key-shaped black plastic cord holder that is the least outstanding part of this dock arrangement. There are actually two of these cable television owners consisted of in the package deal, which excels, considering that we broke one of them a week into screening after attempting to readjust the wire. The concept is to attract the cord up with the dock and protect it with the cord holder, positioning the maple cover over the base so just the Lightning adapter shows up.

Obtaining the Lightning wire right into the dock is an uphill struggle considering that the fit is so strict, and the simply aesthetic instructions are a bit doing not have. The whole cable owner is an inelegant solution since each time the phone is put on the dock, it pushes the Lightning cable television down further and ultimately you will certainly have to readjust because the phone no more fits.

With the maple cover on (composed place by a built-in magnet), the cord holder and the leading part of the steel base are efficiently concealed. Fully put together, the dock’s style is tidy and it matches many various decors thanks to its neutral shades. Grovemade even makes an entire wide range of desk accessories to match the dock and the iPhone instance, in maple and walnut. There’s a keyboard stand, a monitor stand, a mouse pad, a pen cup, a paper clip holder, and two plant owners.


That Are They For?

These are eye-catching, high-grade accessories, made for those which value the careful work that enters making them and those who do not mind paying for that work. All of Grovemade’s items are made by hand, and if you’re a person which enjoys well-crafted handmade accessories, the Maple & Leather iPhone Case and the Maple iPhone Dock will not disappoint.

If you’re searching for an iPhone instance that’s small and does not add a lot of mass, the Maple & Natural leather iPhone situation isn’t really for you, however if you don’t mind giving up kind for function, the situation does supply a whole lot of protection because it covers both the back and the screen. Its timber and natural leather look is also undeniably attractive, also to those who do not always cherish that style visual.

When it comes to the dock, it resembles any kind of various other iPhone dock, so what you’re purchasing here is the design. It’s just a piece of wood and steel that holds your iPhone in location on your workdesk or night table, however it looks very great doing it. Don’t get the dock if you desire it to work with Grovemade’s natural leather iPhone instance– they’re not appropriate.

While we believe the Maple & Leather iPhone provides a develop top quality and a feature set that makes it worth the rate tag, we were much less convinced with the dock. It looks good, but it’s a great deal to spend for something that’s sole specialty is its appearance.


  • Handmade by a small company


  • Made of high-quality timber and natural leather



  • Excellent workmanship



  • Situation supplies total iPhone protection




  • Dock and instance do not interact


  • Costly



  • Case is large



  • Dock is hard to establish, Lightning cable television shifts




Ways to Buy

The Maple and Leather iPhone Case can be bought from the Grovemade site for $$ 129. The Maple iPhone Dock could additionally be bought from the website for $$ 99.

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