GymKit launches today in Australia, automatically sync workout data between Apple Watch and gym equipment

GymKit is a new integration between the Apple Watch and fitness equipment, that allows the two to cooperate and sync workout and activity data between them.

The first gym to feature GymKit-compatible equipment is now up and running in Australia. Users just tap their watches to the treadmill (or other GymKit equipment) using NFC, and they start sending data back and forth automatically …

In the demonstration, The Australian noticed that the watch would send heart rate data from the watch to the connected treadmill. The treadmill sent calories burned statistics to the watch, as it knew the person’s exact weight.

Information such as incline is also sent from the treadmill to the watch automatically. Workouts automatically pause and resume if the treadmill is stopped or restarted.

The idea is that the watch and the paired gym machine have better knowledge about different aspects of the workout. GymKit allows that data to be shared back and forth, as appropriate. At the end of the session, the watch saves all the relevant data to its local database (no iPhone required) and the gym equipment is wiped of any personal data.