Hands-On Evaluation of the Revamped Adonit Jot Pro and Jot Mini Styluses

Apple has actually never ever shown much passion in styluses, even as firms like Samsung and Microsoft have accepted them as major marketing points for smartphones and tablets. Previous Apple CEO Steve Jobs also went as much as saying “If you view a stylus, they blew it,” on one event, and at Macworld in 2007, he asked “That desires a stylus? No person desires a stylus.”

Apple’s concentrate on the fingertip as the best input approach does not mean styluses are totally meaningless– they can be valuable for keeping in mind, making sketches, developing artwork, and in loads of various other circumstances. Thankfully, Apple’s disinterest in the stylus hasn’t quit third-party device makers from establishing them, and eight years after the iPhone first debuted, there are a range of stylus pen alternatives on the market.

Adonit is a business that got involved in the stylus video game early, debuting its initial stylus on Kickstarter in 2011. The Adonit Jot was one of the first stylus pens to integrate a thin plastic preciseness disc, getting rid of a rubber tip to allow users view even more of the screen while creating. Because then, Adonit has actually taken place to make a variety of stylus pens, some that even attach via Bluetooth to incorporate stress sensitivity.

The business’s newest styluses, the Jot Pro and the Jot Mini, are common non-connected styluses, but they’re the end result of years of job improving the stylus based upon consumer feedback and they’re a few of the nicest writing utensils that Adonit has actually generated yet. Get a glimpse at the Jot Pro or Jot Mini in the video listed below, or keep reviewing to view our complete ideas on both stylus pens.

What’s in the Box

The Jot Pro and the Jot Mini come well packaged in an outer cardboard box and a plastic insert with a glue strap that holds them in position throughout shipping. They arrive with caps in area to keep the pointer from being damaged and are prepared to use once the cap is eliminated and attached to the base of the stylus pen.


Style and Features

Both the Jot Pro and the Jot Mini are made from a light-weight aluminum in black or silver that matches the aluminum backing of the silver/space grey iPad and iPhone. Each comes with a screw-off cap that links to both ends of the stylus pen and serves 2 purposes– keeping the stylus secure during transportation in a bag or pocket and prolonging the dimension of the stylus when being used.

Each version includes an integrated clip at the end that allows the stylus pen to clip onto a t-shirt pocket or bag and they both have the very same plastic suggestion.

The bigger Jot Pro has a couple of attributes not found in the miniature version. In addition to being both larger and bigger (123mm and 20 grams vs 98.7 mm and 13 grams), it features a distinctive grasp to make it much easier to hold and a cushion at the pointer that gives it a bit more adaptability versus the screen for quieter writing.


When it comes to styluses, a few of the most important aspects to take into consideration are the pointer of the device, the weight, and exactly how it really feels in the hand, as every one of these could influence the writing or sketching encounter.

The major perk of the plastic suggestion of the Jot Pro and Jot Mini is the capacity to see the entire display when you’re composing or laying out. With a bigger rubber-tipped stylus, the screen is obscured so you can not view the point where the stylus attaches to the display. The plastic suggestion of the Jot isn’t inherently much more accurate compared to a rubber tip, but it could really feel much more exact due to the fact that you could see what you’re doing.

Writing with a rubber-tipped stylus could occasionally induce overcompensation resulting in distortion due to the fact that it’s difficult to see the letters being formed, but the Jot Pro eases that issue for composing that’s clearer, specifically when creating tiny letters.

The downside is that there’s even more resistance versus the screen with the Jot Pro, which suggests that the writing experience is almost as smooth. This is a lot more apparent when trying to sketch, but it’s absolutely visible when writing as well. This added burden isn’t really a deal breaker whatsoever because of the fact that it’s relatively refined, yet it’s something to be knowledgeable about when selecting a stylus pen.

Previously Jot stylus pens had some issues with pivoting and the plastic idea popping off, yet those troubles appear to been settled. The tip of both the Jot Mini and the Jot Pro rotated smoothly and enabled for uninterrupted writing at any kind of angle.

One major con of both styluses and of the plastic pointer generally is the sound. When composing or drawing, there’s an unique click that’s similar to the tap of a fingernail versus the display. The bigger Jot Pro has actually a supported idea that provides a rather smoother creating encounter and a mild dampening of the audio, however the click is still quite much audible with either stylus pen.

Weight and hand really feel might not seem like vital factors when selecting a stylus pen, yet these aspects can have an influence on the fluidity of writing and the feel of your hand after writing for an extended period of time.

The Jot Pro is a little thicker than your typical pen, and around as heavy as a wonderful high quality pen you might purchase for $$ 40 or $ 50. It has a distinctive grip and on the whole, it really feels great in the hand. The extra weight assists make composing somewhat smoother, and its pen-like feel makes it comfortable to use for long note taking or drawing sessions.

The Jot Mini is smaller, lighter, and thinner than the Jot Pro. The build high quality is great, however its little dimension means that it is somewhat less comfortable to hold. Its compact size and light weight make it a wonderful travel stylus for periodic usage.

Which’s it For?

With the Jot Pro and the Jot Mini, you’re obtaining precision at the expense of a little drag out the screen and a clicking sound that could be bothersome to some. It’s an excellent throughout stylus and it really beams in accuracy writing and drawing situations due to its ability to enable its customer to see the entire screen.

Unless you require something mobile and reduced cost, the Jot Pro is the better choice over the Jot Mini. It’s bigger size indicates it’s even more comfortable to make use of for extended periods of time, and its cushioned tip offers a smoother, quieter composing encounter.


  • Full area of sight
  • Really precise feel
  • Excellent form element


  • Pricer compared to a lot of rubber-tipped stylus pens
  • Clicking sound on display
  • Slight drag compared to rubber pointer

The best ways to Get

The Jot Mini is available from the Adonit internet site for $$ 19.99. The Jot Pro is also offered from the internet site, but valued slightly higher at $$ 29.99.

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