Hands-on: Is a 60W charger good enough for all MacBook Pro models? | 9to5Mac

Apple includes three different USB-C chargers depending on the MacBook model you have. While the 61W charger is powerful enough to juice up all of Apple’s notebooks at full speed except for the 15-inch MacBook, is it still the best choice when replacing or picking up a second charger for any MacBook? Follow along for our hands-on test.

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Apple’s 87W USB-C charger will juice up all MacBook and MacBook Pro models at full speed. But notably, it’s the device that determines the amount of power to draw, with the number on the charger itself just representing the maximum output. That’s why it’s safe to use Apple’s 30W, 61W, or 87W USB-C charger to fast charge iPhone and iPad.

I thought it would interesting to see how a more affordable and versatile option like Aukey’s $50 USB-C 60W charger & dual port USB stacks up against Apple’s 87W charger that’s priced at $80. Even if just as a backup charger, could it be the best option for any MacBook?