Hands-On With the ClamCase Pro Keyboard Case for iPad Air 2

Keyboards have actually come to be a significantly vital method for iPad users to enhance the productivity of their tablet computers, and there are dozens of keyboards and keyboard covers on the marketplace created for the iPad. Apple itself has begun highlighting keyboard situations in recent weeks, showcasing an array of items in its traditional stores, and with Apple starting to place an emphasis on iPad devices, passion in keyboards will undoubtedly get in the coming months.

ClamCase, a well-known iPad device maker, has been making keyboard covers for many years and its latest instance, the ClamCase Pro iPad Keyboard Instance for iPad Air 2, is a pinnacle of every little thing the business has actually discovered folks look for in a keyboard instance.

Priced at $$ 169, the ClamCase Pro is a costs participant in a market where $$ 50 to $ 100 choices prevail, however it offers functions that power users and frequent writers will find worth the cash, including an one-of-a-kind 360 level hinge for several display positions, complete iPad protection, and most notably, a keyboard that has charitable spacing and an above average key feel.

Exactly what’s in the Box

The ClamCase Pro ships in a high-quality iPad-style box that consists of the keyboard case itself, a micro-USB cord for asking for, a flying start quick guide, and a headset adapter.

As explained in the fast start quick guide, setup is simple, and we were able to pair the ClamCase Pro with an iPad after switching the situation’s power on and pairing it in the iPad’s Bluetooth settings food selection. After combining, it worked promptly, without any evident lag.



The ClamCase Pro for iPad Air 2 is, as you may envision, a clamshell-style case that completely includes the iPad. The iPad Air 2 snaps well into the top of the case (so comfortably, actually, that it can be tough to remove) and all-time low of the cover houses black MacBook-style tricks. Both the exterior of the instance and the leading portion are built from a white plastic, however within, the keyboard portion of the instance is made from brushed aluminum and greatly resembles a MacBook.

The 2 halves of the cover are linked by a 360 level joint, and on the whole, with the iPad broke in, it looks and feels really a lot like a MacBook Air– so a lot so that in MacRumors’ testing, we repetitively tried to utilize a non-existent trackpad as opposed to touching the display.

The leading of the ClamCase Pro has an intermediary for the iPad’s Lightning port and the cam, and also switches that enable the iPad’s power and quantity controls to be made use of. The keyboard portion of the instance has a port for headsets and a micro-USB port that’s familiared to bill the instance itself.

While the plastic of the cover really feels somewhat flimsy and low-quality, the aluminum keyboard part is strong and feels well made. When shut, the ClamCase Pro has the ability to completely encase the iPad, protecting it from decreases and scratches. However, this solid feel and the high degree of security come at an expense– mass. The ClamCase Pro is 0.74 inches thick (at its thinnest point) and the iPad Air 2 is 0.24 inches thick, meanings that this case triples the density of the iPad Air 2 and even more compared to increases the weight (ClamCase Pro evaluates 1.2 pounds, iPad Air 2 weighs 0.96)

At merely over 2 pounds, the ClamCase Pro with an iPad Air 2 comes close to the weight of the 11-inch MacBook Air. It’s never heavy, however it is a factor to consider since it includes a respectable quantity of weight and negates some of the extraordinary thinness and transportability of the iPad Air 2. Still, two pounds is mobile, and the sturdiness of the instance supplies a very gratifying keying encounter while its weight prevents the instance from toppling over in spite of its top-heaviness.


The Keys

The ClamCase Pro’s keyboard secrets, organized in a basic QWERTY design, are smaller than those on a MacBook, but they are well-spaced and transitioning from a MacBook to the ClamCase Pro keyboard was simple and resulted in couple of typing mistakes. With other iPad keyboards, key spacing and feel can result in a substantial keying adjustment period loaded with errors and mistyped letters. Typing on the ClamCase Pro’s secrets is quite enjoyable, as they have an excellent quantity of spring and a “click” that’s somewhat just like the tricks of a MacBook.

The variety of words we had the ability to type each min on the ClamCase Pro was similar to the number of words we were able to kind on a MacBook, yet your very own gas mileage may differ based upon finger size and positioning.

In addition to the regular letters and numbers, the ClamCase Pro keyboard has devoted tricks for shift, caps lock, manage, option, and command, in addition to arrowhead tricks and a key that shows the case’s electric battery life. A little LED at the leading of the keyboard will certainly pulse around 4 times to notify users of the situation’s staying battery life.

The keyboard also contains a number of unique keys over the number row, which are made use of to regulate certain functions on the iPad. With these tricks, you could access the iPad’s home screen, open the Finder, cut, copy, and paste content, bring up the on-screen keyboard, switch on Siri, secure the display, play/pause media, and control the iPad’s volume.

360 Degree Joint

An one-of-a-kind rubber-coated 360 degree joint is among the most important features of the ClamCase Pro, enabling it to be used not only as a keyboard, yet additionally as a movie stand when folded up back and in “tablet method” when folded flat, easing the should remove the iPad from the situation when familiaring the touchscreen without the keyboard.

In its stand mode, it can be controlled right into practically any viewing angle, which serves for watching motion pictures, playing games with an MFi controller, and much more. Utilizing it in tablet method (with the keyboard folded up back) is much less valuable as a result of the bulk of the case and the feel of the tricks below, yet it’s still a wonderful alternative to have readily available.

Rotation to any kind of angle for multiple checking out positions is an useful feature, yet the hinge of the ClamCase Pro is overly tight and a bit tacky. This can make the ClamCase Pro difficult to open up when shut as a result of the rigidity of the joint, and relocating from the standard keyboard position to stand mode or tablet mode takes an amount of force that really feels like it’s going to damage the entire cover.


ClamCase Pro in keyboard mode, in stand mode, and in tablet method

Putting the ClamCase Pro right into one of these various other methods is perturbing at initially considering that it really feels like it’s going to damage, yet at the very same time, the tight hinge keeps the instance upright while typing and in a sturdy position when being used as a stand. In previous versions of the ClamCase, there were some small problems induced by the rigid joint, however the ClamCase group has verified to MacRumors that the strength of the safety shell and manufacturing techniques have been enhanced in this version in order to attend to previous worries.

The numerous watching events of the ClamCase Pro are a helpful addition to the situation, yet it should be noted that there’s no way to use the case as a stand or with a keyboard while the iPad is in picture method. The only picture method choice is also tablet method, where the keyboard is revolved right back.

Billing and Port Accessibility

Both the iPad and the case could be billed while it in usage, yet the ClamCase Pro won’t have to be charged usually– each 2 hour charge offers 100 hours of use time or 6 months of standby time. The ClamCase Pro has been developed to work solely with the Apple-supplied Lightning wall charger when asking for the iPad, and we found that third-party chargers are typically not able to be made use of with the ClamCase Pro due to the tight fit and the form of the cutout. Third-party headphones do, nevertheless, job fine with the ClamCase because of a consisted of earphone adapter.


From top left: headphone jack/on and off button, electronic camera gap and volume/power controls, micro-USB asking for port, Lightning port for charging iPad

To conserve battery, the ClamCase Pro’s Bluetooth will turn off after a set period of lack of exercise, yet touching a key will certainly reactivate the Bluetooth and it will re-pair with the iPad in just a few secs. The Bluetooth is developed to turn off when the ClamCase Pro’s cover is revolved into tablet or stand mode, which stops keys from being pressed when the keyboard is not in usage, and when the ClamCase Pro is closed with an iPad within, the Bluetooth powers down and integrated magnets put the iPad to sleep.

That’s it For?

The ClamCase Pro is not a keyboard for casual users that simply have to type the occasional e-mail, because of its price and its mass. At the $$ 169 cost factor, it’s implied for significant writers that intend to transform their iPads right into small MacBooks for an exceptional keying experience, and for those that desire the adaptability of a keyboard integrated with a multi-function stand and full iPad security.


  • Excellent key spacing
  • Strong key feel
  • Morphs iPad into mini MacBook
  • Multi-angle hinge
  • Total iPad defense


  • Very costly
  • Large
  • Heavy
  • Joint is stringent
  • iPad is difficult to get rid of

Just how to Acquire

The ClamCase Pro iPad Keyboard Situation for iPad Air 2 could be acquired from the ClamCase website for $$ 169. ClamCase likewise sells extra keyboard covers developed for the original iPad Air, older iPads (2/3/4), and the iPad mini.

ClamCase only details a 120-day warranty on its company website, however has educated MacRumors that there’s an unspoken 1-year service warranty in place that covers any sort of and all manufacturing problems.

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