Handson: Fuse’s new cable management lineup covers every Apple device [Deal]

Fuse first made a name for itself with a clever reel called the Side Winder to tame messy MacBook chargers/cables and offer a seamless user experience. Now the company has launched a fresh product lineup that covers every Apple device from iPhone and iPad chargers and Lightning cables to EarPods and Apple Watch, as well as USB-C MacBook chargers and even cables from other companies. Follow along for a look at all these handy cable tamers. And the company is also doing a 30% off launch/Black Friday promo.

With the mantra of creating innovative products, it makes sense that Fuse’s evolution would lead to tackling useful cable management accessories for every Apple device. We’ve been able to check out Fuse’s brand new lineup, here’s a look at each product.

Snapback for iPhone and iPad chargers/cables

Snapback offers a simple and sharp design that means you’ll always keep your iPhone or iPad charger and Lightning or USB-C cable together.

Snapback comes in 5W, 10/12W, 18W, and 29/30W versions for Apple’s chargers.

The Snapback works with a port that the USB or USB-C cable routes through with a notch on both sides of the bottom of it to secure your cable. Here’s how it looks on the Snapback 18W:

Fuse cable management for every Apple device Snapback 18W

Fuse reccommends giving the cable some slack before winding it up to prevent cable damage

And here’s a look at the 5W, 10/12W, and 18W Snapbacks:

As is the case with the entire Fuse lineup, the Snapback makes it easy to dial in just the cable length you need when charging while being quick to pack up when it’s time to put it away.

Side Winder Mini, Max, and Watch

The Side Winder series provides a great solution for Apple Watch, EarPods, and much more. That’s because the Side Winder Mini and Max have a universal design so they work with any cable or earphones you’ve got.

Naturally, Side Winder Watch is specifically designed for the Apple Watch charging cable and it works with the 3- or 6-foot lengths.

Here’s a look at the Side Winder Max, it can handle up to ten-foot cables or earphones. Or if you’re using a couple of shorter cables, you can fit store two with it. Side Winder Max has a diameter of about 3-inches.