Handson: iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Max, and iPhone 11R dummy models

Yesterday I received a special package in the mail from China. The package contained three new iPhone 11 dummy models representing Apple’s upcoming iPhone lineup.

Included inside the package were dummy models of the upcoming iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Max, and iPhone 11R. Watch our hands-on video walkthrough as we explore these well-made mockups.

The most obvious difference between the current-generation iPhone lineup and the iPhone 11 is the camera module. It’s no secret that Apple plans on transitioning its lineup to a square camera module on the rear of the iPhone, and these models do a great job of showcasing what such a setup will look like.

The baseline iPhone 11 will feature a triple camera array on its new rear-facing square camera module, as will the larger iPhone 11 Max. The iPhone 11R, on the other hand, graduates from a single camera to a new dual-camera module.

iPhone 11 dummy models video walkthrough

Despite having just two cameras, the iPhone 11R will sport a similar square camera module as the more expensive models with triple-camera setups. If nothing else, such a design decision will help maintain a uniform look across the lineup.

iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Max, iPhone 11R

As we noted in our recent hands-on with a prototype iPhone 11 case, the alignment for the Side and Volume buttons appears to be slightly modified on the next-generation iPhones. I tested the dummy models inside the cases, and they fit like a glove.

iPhone 11 Mockup in Case

I was extremely skeptical about the look of the square camera module when it was first hinted about, but now that I’ve gone hands-on with these mockups, the design doesn’t offend me as much as I thought it might. It’s far from what I would call pretty, but it doesn’t stick out like the sore thumb I expected it to.

iPhone 11 Mockup

Although there’s still much to learn about the upcoming iPhone from a marketing perspective — for instance, how exactly will Apple utilize that extra camera in the software? — this gives us a great hands-on look at what’s to come. Barring anything out of the ordinary, this should be similar to what we see revealed on stage come September.

What do you think about the look of the iPhone 11? Do you like the square camera module? Sound off in the comments with your thoughts. Special thanks to Sonny Dickson for helping 9to5Mac acquire these iPhone 11 dummy models.

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