Handson with Satechi’s new folding Stand and Hub iPad Pro/Air 6in1 USBC dock

Satechi recently launched its latest iPad accessory, combining a desktop perch and a 6-in-1 USB-C dock with its new Stand and Hub. Looking to match the iPad Pro with a premium aluminum build, we’re taking a hands-on look at the recent release to see just how good of a desktop companion the hybrid accessory can offer. Head below for all of our first impressions on the Satechi Stand and Hub.

Hands-on with the Satechi Stand and Hub

After seeing Kensington debut its StudioDock hub for the latest iPads earlier in the year, the demand for a more affordable desktop solution for Apple’s most recent tablets was certainly realized. Not too soon after, Satechi launched its own take on the accessory, delivering a more compact form factor for use both at-home or on-the-go with a $99.99 price tag.

Entering as the Satechi Stand and Hub, the new 6-in-1 USB-C dock props up your iPad Pro or iPad Air alongside delivering some additional ports. As we’ve come to expect from the brand, you’ll find a signature aluminum build that fits right in with the iPads it’s meant to pair with.

Thanks to a built-in USB-C cable, you’re getting a selection of six additional ports. There’s notably a USB-C slot on the back for passthrough charging or plugging in another accessory, but also a 4K HDMI output. Alongside a legacy USB-A slot, you’re also looking at a headphone jack and SD card readers to round out the selection of rear-mounted I/O.

While USB-C hubs for iPads are nothing new since Apple released the past few iterations of tablets starting back in 2018, the new take offered by the Satechi Stand and Hub does introduce some more novel functionality. Folding out into its stand configuration, the accessory lives up to its name as a way to position your iPad Pro into a more desktop-friendly position. And then, when not in use, the entire package folds flat into a compact form that’ll easily fit in a drawer or backpack. There’s even a slot to hide the integrated cable, which is a pretty nice quality of life addition.